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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews August 2022 Part 4

Streaming Reviews August 2022 Part 4

1)"Virgin River"--Netflix--Season 4--12 episodes--11 hours & 6 minutes--a nighttime soap opera--this has been a winner since the first episode of season 1--season 4 continues the saga of the leads and those around them--a lot of soap opera but it keeps moving!

2) "End of Sentence"--Prime--Movie--1 hour & 36 minutes--takes place in Ireland--a father and son who have a long broken relationship go on a road trip after the wife/mother dies of cancer--everything is there including good acting, a good story, beautiful Ireland scenery--all that is missing is the big 'reveal'--it ends on a soft note which made me shrug my shoulders and ask, "What's that about?"

3) "Any Day Now"--Prime--Movie--1 hour & 38 minutes--based on a true story about a gay couple fighting prejudice when they want to adopt a Down Syndrome teenager--when a mother abandons her teenage son Marco who is a Down Syndrome child. The men are forced to fight a biased legal system to save the life of the child they have come to love as their own. There are two drag numbers done by Alan Cumming that add nothing to the powerful hold this film could exert except maybe the fact that he does drag could be used against him in the legal fight but even worse is the over the title credits song he sings at the end so badly it ruins whatever tenderness and/or prejudice shown is ruined--too much filler to make this a feature film and ruins the story.

4) "King of Stonks"--Netflix--series--6 episodes--German drama/comedy--4 Hours & 37 minutes--Synopsis: Desperate for startup stardom an overly ambitious finance mastermind lies, cheats and schemes his less than authentic company up the ladder to success--I gave up after the second episode which is very rare for me!

5) "This Is Me"--Prime--Documentary--season 1--5 episodes--28 minutes--short segments, 5-6 minutes each, of trans people talking about their experiences as children and adults doing every day things and how they are treated and how people react accepting them or not--definitely a subject I need to learn more about and this adds to my knowledge while being entertaining.

posted on Aug 16, 2022 8:09 PM ()


LOVED VIrgin river. Haven't seen any of the others.
comment by tracy on Aug 19, 2022 3:53 PM ()
Just a good old fashioned soap opera with good actors!!
reply by greatmartin on Aug 19, 2022 7:00 PM ()

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