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Entertainment > Movies > "Beast"--movie Theatre Review

"Beast"--movie Theatre Review

This is a must-see movie and a reason to go to a movie theatre to see certain pictures. Oh the screenplay, director, and actors all do their job and occasionally there is a jump-out-of-your-seat scene if you are that kind of moviegoer and some of the African scenery is breathtaking BUT the computer-generated animation is breathtaking from scenes of the pride among themselves or two of the lions being affectionate to a man and, yes, a lion attacking a car to get at the humans inside.

The human side of the story--the mother of two daughters have died and the father takes them to the birthplace of their mother and they encounter this lion that wants to kill every human who allowed poachers to kill his pride--is nowhere as interesting as watching what the lion can do and the human eye can no way see how it is done. Well, at least this human's eye who has 20/20 eyesight couldn't see how it was done.

As my computer guru always says I googled it but that didn't help. There is a reason I got a 0 in technical understanding in my NYU vocational exam 60 years ago and that's so movies like the "Beast" can have me sit in awe as I watch the effects on a 65-foot wide and 35-foot high screen.

As addicted as I have become to streaming of TV movies I highly suggest going to see Idris Elba, the other actors and, mostly, the lions on the big screen!

posted on Aug 19, 2022 6:55 PM ()

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