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Home & Garden > Peppers, Geraniums, Yellow Plants & a Full Moon!

Peppers, Geraniums, Yellow Plants & a Full Moon!

We start off with:
7 PM
RealFeel® 92°
Yes, I know it is hot all over--Memphis hit 100 degrees today!--but we have been living with this heat since March so it is nothing new but, yes, IT IS HOT! And as Bette Davis, our weather expert told us, that it will be that way all week and with the Sahara dust that has helped keep the rain going away we won't have it this week so the rains will be back!

We all had a full moon this week and Mother Nature, with a sense of humor or I was seeing things (see the last photo, top line, right) but she had to be playing with my camera making the full moon a heart!

On the line of photos are just a few of my pepper plants and they are all colors and sizes plus showing from the blossoms to the forming of the peppers! In the fifth picture, far right, are my Cuban plants with their yellow flowers 'looking' at the pink Geraniums!

The bottom line starts with another pepper growing but I love the last 3 pictures! When I get up in the morning--well, not too early--I swing my feet to the left and I look directly through the wall fan between the bedroom and living room and I see the same Cuban plants and pink Geraniums that I talk about in the previous paragraph. Though you can't tell I see/have a clear view and I almost don't mind getting up in the morning!

As I get old---passed the "I am getting older" stage--I find 1) My body can't take the heat like it used to though I still love both--the heat and my body! and 2) I love what appears to be the simple thing like a pepper growing or a flower blooming--welcome to MY world!

posted on June 16, 2022 4:21 PM ()


The high temp here tomorrow will be 54! C'mon up!
comment by jjoohhnn on June 17, 2022 4:03 PM ()
Where the heck do you live???? That must be the lowest temperature in the whole world!! 54 degrees or 91 degrees???? I'll take the latter!!
reply by greatmartin on June 17, 2022 8:10 PM ()

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