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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--june 2022--part 3

Streaming Reviews--june 2022--part 3

1) "Toscana"--Netflix--Danish film--1 hour & 30 minutes--IF you are a food lover the first 10 minutes will get you hooked--it did me!! IF you love breathtaking scenery this is for you--IF you like to see a wise arse chef get his dues, or IF you don't, this is for you. IF you would you like a fantastic sandwich for a snack? This is the chef for you! IF you would feel good about a woman showing that "I can cook anything better than you" chef doesn't know everything this is for you! Oh, IF you would like a little romance and a love song sung in Italian this is for you! IF you love watching people fall in love with food this is for you! IF you can finish this sentence, "The most important ingredient when cooking is_______?" you'll love this movie! IF not you will just enjoy it!

2) "Perfect Pairing"--Netflix--Australian film--1hour & 42 minutes--just by watching the first 5 minutes, along with the title, you know what this is all about--with wine! If it is in Australia you will see it here: sheep shearing, a kangaroo though I missed the koala--instead of cooking like in "Toscana" here we are dealing with winemaking and selling and love--you have to see the last look of Max's dog looking at Baaabra--if you like the movie above you will also like this one!

3) "Halftime"--Netflix--Documentary--1 hour & 36 minutes--mostly revolving around Jennifer Lopez rehearsing and doing the halftime show at the super bowl it also looks at the lady ready to tackle the second 50 years of her life--she is Latin and wears that with pride--you feel her disappointment, her resigning to losing, the best-supporting actor's Oscar for "Hustlers" which everyone thought she would and deserved to win--while the documentary shows THAT green dress and doesn't touch on the renewal of her and Afflick but this is an entertaining hour and a half though you won't learn anything new about her but the hard work she does to be her best.

4) "I Love Dick"--Prime--series--season 1--8 episodes--3 hours & 32 minutes--of course the title is a double-entendre with co-star Kevin Bacon's film name-giving his co-star Kathryn Hahn the chance to say/do a lot of leering, on the edge of 'dirty' lines--sex, nudity, a lot of nudity, mainly woman showing full-frontal nudity while men show a butt here and there--if I didn't know better I would have sworn this was written and directed by a man but no, it is written and directed by a woman and shows that women can be as crude and crass as men!

5) "Dirty Lines"--Netflix--Dutch series--season 1--6 episodes--4 hours & 37 minutes--two brothers start a first-time sex phone line in Amsterdam--a lot of sex tapes, sex talk--and, guess what? It was written and directed by a man and just shows how crass and crude men can be and women (see #4) can learn even more than them--it is being sold as a comedy--I didn't laugh!

posted on June 17, 2022 6:34 PM ()

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