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Life & Events > Mother Nature & Me in Lock-down!

Mother Nature & Me in Lock-down!

I always hear people say they are bored and I have never understood that with the whole world outside. I miss going OUT to the movies and I miss seeing the touring Broadway show and I certainly miss eating out but then again there is always Mother Nature giving me something to see or do!

1) I have a Cuban plant that has a new blossom every day with the previous blossom dying the night before while I have another one that has 2-4 blossoms every day.

#s 2 & 3) The mother paper plant gives me ONE pepper a month every month so I am curious what the 'kids' will do. They both have plenty of blossoms like the mother plant so I am wondering in their blossoms will all turn into peppers or just give me one. I will let you know what happens when I know!

4) These are two of the pots that I planted the seeds from The Dollar Tree last month. I have two others on another sill where one doesn't look like it will make it and the other one is sprouting fine. I lost two others as nothing sprouted after a month but I am not ready to throw them out!

5) This is right outside my door on the beginning of the walkway where different birds, it seems, come every late morning/early afternoon. Yesterday it was pigeons and the day before bluebirds. (Don't tell the owners as it is against the 'rules' but I leave breadcrumbs out for my visitors!)

6) My dog of the month on my large desk calendar that I bought, also, at The Dollar Tree. A dollar brings me 12 months of joy!

7) We were greeted by that message on Thursday when we did our regular shopping at Winn-Dixie. Seems the manager drew it for the nurses who come every day when they have an hour to do their shopping before the store opens for regular business.

8) Whether it is a rainy day or a bright, clear blue sky with maybe record-breaking temperatures on the way day or even a hurricane Mother Nature is there to greet me when I walk out the door! She never even hides from me when I walk out with a scary-looking mask on my face!


posted on May 9, 2020 6:00 PM ()

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