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TV Reviews Network & ABC

1) "Never Have I Ever"--Netflix--I watched 3 episodes and that was enough for me! Young girls and boys wanting to have sex and just changing nationality doesn't make it 'funny' or interesting!

2) Seinfeld's "23 Hours To KIll"--Netflix--Dare I say it out loud? I am not a fan of Jerry Seinfeld! This one-hour standup special seemed like 23 hours and didn't even get a smile out of me.

3) "The Baker and the Beauty"--ABC--I am really enjoying this series. It is an adaptation of an Israeli romantic-comedy transferred to Miami with a Cuban family and an American beauty. Victor Rasuk and Nathalie Kelley have great chemistry as does most of the cast. Dan Bucatinsky as the beauty's manager, David Del Rio as the baker's brother, are perfect as is Carlos Gomez, their father. Lisa Vidal as the mother chews the scenery too much here and there while the sooner they get rid of Michelle Veintimilla as Rasuk's ex the better, not that she is bad but the role served its purpose in the first 2 episodes. Belissa Escobedo is a find who in one scene will move you to tears and, yet, make you feel good. This is MUST TV for me!

4) "Becoming"--Netflix--As hard as it may be for many the best way to view this documentary is to forget the politics. Michelle Obama is a funny lady, uplifting and positive. When talks about her and her daughter trying to sneak out of the White House to see the celebration of the Gay Marriage Act passed you can feel her emotions. Over the end credits, there are people, kids, adults, black, white, etc., giving hope which is what this lady seems to be about. Like EVERY First Lady, she is liked and disliked by many and probably has the same complaints of the position as they all had and she should be listened to. 1 hour and 29 minutes.

5) "Sergio"--Netflix"--Greg Barker, who made a documentary of this UN official working in Iraq and East Timor when the UN was forced into an uneasy position, has been made into a 'Hollywood based on a true story film'. I found the flashbacks and flashforwards confusing and the love story uninvolving. Just like I am unable to stop reading a bad book I don't seem capable of walking out on/turning off a bad movie, though I have no problem stopping watching a series I don't like. Was I the type who could I would have walked out on/turned off "Sergio" after 20 minutes. 1 hour and 58 minutes.

6) "Middleditch & Schwartz"--Netflix--The 2 guys the show is named after, come out on stage, talk to members in the audience for a few minutes, and then they are off improvising for an hour in each of 3 episodes. Improvising can be fun and inventive as Elaine May and Mike Nichols showed in a period of 4 years, 1958-1962 when the audience would laugh so hard you would miss even more funny lines. Middleditch & Schwartz are talented, very animated guys but aside from their reaction to each other, I didn't laugh once at their material. I never did watch the 3rd hour and I would suggest going to youtube and watch a couple of Elaine and Mike's 5, 6-minute sessions instead.

Just read "Ozark" has not been renewed! B-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!

posted on May 8, 2020 1:52 PM ()

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