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Business > I Loved Being a Waiter ... Part 3

I Loved Being a Waiter ... Part 3

in mind that most restaurants have twice as many servers as they have
computers, which can cause problems. They also have to follow managers
rules about when to order food and in what order. Most restaurants have
'runners' who serve the food taking away the timing from the server.

dilemma faces the server: should he wait at the table for the customer
to sign the charge slip? Many customers suspect a waiting server is
really pressuring them to leave a bigger tip. To avoid this some servers
leave to check on their other tables. Then again, this makes the
customer wait on the server, who must return to pick up the signed
charge slip.

Service too slow or too rushed? Inform the server.
What should you do when a server forgets to bring a request? A polite
reminder should solve the problem. If the server is busy ask another
staff manager. Dissatisfied with the server? Instead of not tipping the
waiter request the host/hostess or manager to change your server in a
quiet, polite manner. Just say there is a personality conflict and you
would feel better with someone else. I know you might not believe this
but your attitude can make for poor service.

Remember that each
server is an individual. Servers who refill water glasses after each sip
annoy some people. Others (especially food critics) see it as attentive
service. It's a rude waiter who removes a plate before everyone at the
table is finished, some say; others who are finished eating , early or
not, want plates removed immediately. Customers can give polite cues on
the treatment they want.

A server's friendliness not only depends
upon his personality, but also the guest and his response. Many
factors--shortage of staff, a busy kitchen, food prepared incorrectly,
etc.--justify customers' complaints but can easily be rectified. The
customer only needs to communicate his wants.

Servers must prove
themselves with each customer. One, who knows what he wants, and how to
ask for it, is more likely to have a good meal and get more than his
money's worth in service.

Just to set the record straight--I
loved being a waiter and most customers were great to wait on and, yes,
there are awful servers out there but you can do something about it
besides leaving a bad, or no, tip--ask for another server. As a server
if I was having a problem with a customer I would immediately turn the
check, and party, over to another server. Ironically, more than once,
the customer will give the other server a bigger tip then they would
normally leave and make sure I see it, which is fine with me. No one
needs aggravation on the job if they can avoid it.

PS If you
don't like to tip for whatever reason, such as you think they should get
a living wage, or you don't believe in tipping, don't go to a sit down
restaurant--eat at home.
And, by the way, leaving a card explaining
why you don't tip or thanking the waiter for his service but not leaving
(as many religious people do) a tip, does not pay the bills.
I once
waited on Ike & Mame Eisenhower and they left me a card that thanked
me for waiting on them--my landlord wouldn't accept it in place of
money for rent :o(

posted on Nov 13, 2013 3:01 PM ()


And by the way, I laughed out loud at that "Oh Manager... I believe I'm having a personality conflict with my waiter." Next time I order a "blue drink" or "whatever salad dressing you've got that's white" and the waiter rolls his eyes, I'm going to invoke the personality conflict. Re: the white salad dressing - sometimes it's Ranch, sometimes it's Bleu Cheese, sometimes it's Creamy Italian. I don't care which one of those it is, so I just say I want the white one to save them getting all: "Well...we don't have RANCH (in a tone implying it's so low class) but we DO have OUR OWN HOUSE CREAMY ITALIAN."

I have in the past ordered 'neon orange' which takes in Catalina, Russian, French, and once in awhile Thousand Island. Remember in the 70s when Green Goddess was all the thing? I wonder if they still make it.
comment by troutbend on Nov 14, 2013 5:44 AM ()
I NEVER got an order of dressing like that!!! I do remember having to explain that Blue cheese dressing was 50 cents extra!
reply by greatmartin on Nov 14, 2013 7:59 AM ()
I've never heard of these 'I'm not leaving a tip' cards, what a silly thing - probably sold in Christian bookstores along with those family decals for the back window of the mini-van - mom, dad, kids, dog(s) - probably pit bulls - and a cat. Sometimes it's grandparents raising the kids, and there's decals depicting that, and in that case the dog(s) is/are Yorkies or some other yappy breed, usually fluffy and white. I'll bet there are a lot of lap dogs helping their owners drive the car down there in Florida - I see a lot of them around here.
comment by troutbend on Nov 14, 2013 5:37 AM ()
And under their butt they have the OLD telephone book--the new one isn't thick enough for them to look over the steerign wheel--which they don't know how to use anyway!
reply by greatmartin on Nov 14, 2013 7:57 AM ()
So Ike and Mamie were cheap!!
comment by elderjane on Nov 13, 2013 3:28 PM ()
I don't know if other presidents did/do the same
reply by greatmartin on Nov 13, 2013 3:40 PM ()

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