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King Tides & Free Cell

By 11 AM the canals have risen high enough to flood our grounds and by 4 PM the entrance and exit to Gateway Terrace was flooded high enough to stop any idiot going face!! Along with the tides we are getting hit with bands of rain and wind from Dorian about every 40 minutes for 5-10 minutes before it all becomes quiet again and the sun peeks out. We are at the end of the latest attack of rain and wind BUT no complaints as Dorian won't hit us (or so the weather people are saying!) "(This past) Friday marks the beginning of Florida's King Tides, a term that refers to the highest tides in any given period. These high tides follow a cycle — after all, tides are caused by the moon and follow a predictable pattern. King Tides, sometimes called Spring Tides, typically appear in the spring and fall. (Though the term "Spring Tides" refers to spring as in the action, not the season). However, this latest round of King Tides in Florida will be strengthened by a dangerous alignment of factors: One, the moon will be especially close to the earth, an event called "perigee." (Remember, the moon orbits the Earth in an elliptical pattern, so its distance isn't always the same.) Two, fall tides in Florida are generally the highest of the year because the water is at its warmest point." For the whole story The tidal phenomenon that could make Dorian's impact even worse On a lighter note, shortly after I discovered the Internet (Chuck's 'fault') I discovered Free Cell and, every night, before I go to sleep, I play 3 games, usually winning 2 out of 3, beating Allen, Maria and Mary most of the time but very rarely do I lose! It's my 'sleeping pill'!

posted on Sept 3, 2019 5:37 PM ()


Tell us more about the game! I don't do anything interactive online but it looks like fun!
comment by jjoohhnn on Sept 4, 2019 7:55 AM ()
Teal plays Free Cell, you could ask her.
reply by traveltales on Sept 4, 2019 3:27 PM ()
I made a slight mistake--it is Hearts!!
reply by greatmartin on Sept 4, 2019 8:29 AM ()

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