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Let's Eat!

As much as I love eating out these days it is too expensive so I sort of compromise. I will eat at a higher priced restaurant maybe 2-3 times a month and once a week at not quite fast food but still not full service. Once in awhile I would go all out but for 3 years I was putting aside money for my Leap Year birthday plus being retired dollar bills let alone coins aren't that readily available BUT a man has to eat so I am just doing what I am supposed to do!

Some of my favorite restaurants are Cafe Vico, J Marks, Quarterdeck, Fredo's, but going there means about $25-30 plus tip plus tax person so going to less expensive places other times sort of balances the 'budget'. (Just an aside: I usually have water with my meal because if you think of it adding coffee or soda---let's not even get into alcoholic drinks--adds $3-4, again plus tip and tax. And to think I used to spend money on 4-5 Dewer's Scotch White Label on the rocks during a lunch!)

In any case above are 3 re4staurants I like to go for certain items (except one I'll get to in a minute.)
I love having wings in a mild to hot sauce with Blu Cheese dressing on the side and don't often order them in a restaurant but when I want to have them I like going to the Wilton Manors Wings restaurant. They have a special of 10 wings and fries for $13---which is why I don't often order them in restaurants! But are they g-o-o-o-o-d!

Top on my list when I want a cheese omelet I will always pick IHOP--The International House of Pancakes--which has been around forever but the first time I ever was in one was when I moved to Memphis and there was one right next to Goldsmith's department store where I gave a WW lecture once a week. I was impressed when I was asked what kind of cheese I wanted and then whether I wanted hash browns, fries or pancakes as a side---guess which I ordered? I had Cheddar Cheese on the omelet and a side of pancakes---oh, I loved that meal. Won't get into prices--that was back in the early 1970s--but with coffee, taxes and tip it was under $10!

Everyone knows if they visit me in Fort Lauderdale that we would go to Big Louie's for a pizza and garlic rolls! Big Louie's is one of the very restaurants that I worked in and went back to eat after I left. I LOVE their pizza, garlic rolls and everything else they have on the menu! I will say their prices, like every other restaurant, have gone up quite a bit but definitely worth it. Sheila, who was a manager when I worked there is now the waitress, working part-time, and one of the best there is!

Usually when I want Mexican food I will go to Tequila Sunrise which I first heard of when I moved into the Gateway Apartment 22 years ago as the mother of the owner lived here. They seem to have been running their 'buy one, get one free' special forever and is a good deal but after 15 years of seeing the Jalisco restaurant across the street from Winn Dixie we decided to try it once and since then have been going back at least every month and I have been slowly working my way through their lunch special, a long list on the back of the menu! I have to tell you a secret--for months I have been hearing about their cheeseburgers and how great they are but I always thought, "Who would order a cheeseburger in a Mexican restaurant?" and one day---last week--that was the next item on the lunch menu and so I ordered it! It was delicious and I am sure I will have it again!

Okay, Thanksgiving is coming up so time for a little of the more expensive, full serve, the hell with the prices eating!

posted on Nov 17, 2022 7:59 PM ()


Fortunately I'm not concerned with service so I'll settle for take-out, which I just did. Thai basil chicken. Not quite as satisfying as General Thoa's chicken, but delicious and filling nonetheless.
comment by jjoohhnn on Nov 18, 2022 12:06 PM ()
I look forward to eating out and being waited on!!
reply by greatmartin on Nov 18, 2022 8:16 PM ()

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