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Arts & Culture > An Artist (No, Not Me!) Would like Your Comments

An Artist (No, Not Me!) Would like Your Comments

and reaction to his latest project!

Over the years I have posted many of John's projects from artworks to making props for the annual 1st Baptist Church Christmas Pagent plus local theatre companies. He has made shelves for neighbors, a stand for me to put my plants on to making a bed base for another resident.
I hate to say it (and I will deny I did) the man is talented plus one of the good guys (and there are so few of us!) He has been working on this new project for a couple of years and he was wondering what other people's reactions would be at seeing them.

Whatever comments you make I'll pass on to him.
Be kind--remember he is an artist!! :O)

John wrote the following:

A few years ago I noticed these strange looking chips that looked like little boat hulls. I thought to myself why not make something out of these things. So, a short time later I picked two of these things up and took it to my shop and came up with this idea.

I learned that mahogany trees have seed pods once a year and they open up and spread the seeds to the ground. Then the pod itself falls to the ground in segments of which there are 5. These fallen chips or segments are all over the place and can be readily collected by anyone.

The process for making these boats is done very carefully as there are many different steps involved. Each boat, depending on size and complexity, takes about 2 to 3 days.

Over time I have sold some of them or given them as gifts. One friend was so enthralled with them that he bought about 25 at one time. (900.00). I will continue to make them especially now that the world has shut down and we all have a lot of time on our hands. I hope to someday make a youtube video of the entire process.

posted on Apr 5, 2020 2:20 PM ()


That's a great natural resource for art material. I like the boats.
comment by drmaus on Apr 5, 2020 4:39 PM ()

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