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Reflections on Life

I never thought I would be a care giver for Ted because he was younger and so strong when we married. However life happens, we have an obligation to do what needs doing for those we love. I am enjoying life even though we are staying home. I usually go to the grocery store on Sunday morning because it is less crowded. However masks are a city mandate and I still saw two people without them. I think that is pretty petty and inconsiderate considering that we are a hot spot for the virus. we had the most obnoxious woman running in the Republican primary and I hated her on site. She was caught after the election putting campaign funds into her business. She lost to her opponent even though she had horrible down and dirty ads running on tv almost constantly. I have been baking banana bread almost every day because bananas have a shelf life of about 2 days. I have to have the potassium from them or I would not bother buying them. The supplements don't do it for me. I still hate not being as energetic and nimble as I once was. I have my visiting angel to do the heavier cleaning and she is a hoot. She comes every Wed and works until two in the afternoon. I enjoy hearing about her worthless boy of whom she shot, apparently without Penalty. She is native American and a talented artist. She is the frankest and most entertaining person that I know because she has no boundaries altho I encourage her not to be quite so free with information.

posted on Aug 30, 2020 11:20 AM ()


Those interesting characters are the spice of life!!
comment by jerms on Aug 31, 2020 4:42 PM ()
Yes, In many ways she has a heart of gold. She makes chicken enchiladas that taste like they are straight from Chilenos.
reply by elderjane on Sept 1, 2020 2:04 AM ()
I'm, so far, the energizer bunny who drums on while my dear ones go. And Ed is younger than me but has issues that could do him in. And today he left without his cell phone and that drives me up the wall.
comment by tealstar on Aug 31, 2020 9:57 AM ()
The year from 90 to 91 has been very bad for me health wise. I miss the energy and the virus makes it all worse. I try to devise little treats for us to make up for what we are missing but Ted is too ill for us to go anywhere even if it was possible. Glue that phoneto Ed!!
reply by elderjane on Sept 1, 2020 2:09 AM ()
It was the other way round for us for years and then the tables turned as they often do. Until the virus, I had an active social life and could get away for several hours but alas no longer.
comment by elderjane on Aug 31, 2020 4:49 AM ()
It certainly perks up the week to spend time with someone whose life is as interesting as your helper.
comment by traveltales on Aug 30, 2020 4:24 PM ()
Yes, it is although she is her own worst enemy.
reply by elderjane on Aug 31, 2020 4:43 AM ()
She shot her bf?
She sure does sound fun.
comment by kristilyn3 on Aug 30, 2020 12:06 PM ()
He was abusive. Her life is something ordinary people like us never would have and it is like reading a book. However, she is tough and strong and does what she has to do.
reply by elderjane on Aug 31, 2020 4:46 AM ()
Donna says she'd take care of me if the time comes but I'm not full of confidence since it's mostly the other way around now.
comment by jjoohhnn on Aug 30, 2020 11:47 AM ()
See your comment above. I haven't had coffee yet.
reply by elderjane on Aug 31, 2020 4:51 AM ()

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