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Have You Changed with the Times?

I am not the optimistic person that I used to be. The pandemic, trump and severe pain have changed me into someone I do not know. the f word is no stranger to my conversation. I used to be described as being a lot of fun to be with but I assure you that the fun has all been wrung out of me. One of the major changes has been that I have limited mobility while waiting for knee revision surgery. I have to use a walker or the pain is unbearable. That, coupled with isolation is a killer. Only on rare days am I able to walk Jose. Politics and trump's lie about having a supply of vaccine after the assault on the capitol makes me lust for revenge. I was talking to my neighbor and we decided we have been in quarantine circumstances so long it has made us agoraphobic and staying home is the new norm. If I can't order it from the internet,no purchase is made. I need to go to Lowe's and finalize a purchase of a new dishwasher but just haven't gotten the vim and vigor to do it. I have been sending Tina (my visiting angel)out for groceries. She has had her vaccine. I am lucky, she is a good shopper and helps with the house work. I know that in many ways I am blessed. But it just does not feel good any more.

posted on Jan 16, 2021 6:57 AM ()


So sorry you are struggling with pain and overwhelmed with "musts". You must focus on a positive attitude because it will help and, anyway, if you want out of the misery, it's the only game in town. Before I was limited to grocery shopping as my only social endeavor, I only went out for dinner when we had guests and they weren't all that common, either. I have my chores, and my piano to keep me busy. Socially I am not really in a new space. And, of course, I now live for the e mails I am exchanging with my daughter. We connect every day. It's awesome. I'm happy.
comment by tealstar on Jan 16, 2021 4:17 PM ()

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