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Education > Home Schooling > Life in the Time of Covid

Life in the Time of Covid

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and no wonder. Nothing really happens and life is very isolating.

Well, it’s not true that nothing happens, just nothing good; had some family emergencies, one more sister has cancer so that makes 3 in my immediate family with the same kind. But she’s on the mend after surgery and it looks hopeful that she won’t need to have further treatment — fingers crossed. I have a loose tooth so I need a dentist rather urgently…. what else?

I was startled to find that my prescription (that a friend in another country arranges to send to me) cost less than ever before. Several years ago I used to spend $150 with insurance to get it. Now I’m getting over 5 times as much and it’ll be about $40. I believe the difference is mostly because that country is now manufacturing its own brands, and the Pfizer label now isn’t available. Another friend of mine is getting his diabetes meds from abroad and it’ll cost him one-tenth what it does here.

My friend Mike finally got his 2nd Covid shot. I’m very relieved. My youngest sister got an internship in Arizona for something geological, she’s doing something involving mapping land stuff. That’s as far as I understood. She’s very happy about it, but she’ll be living in an area with poor communication and phone service, I think. I have to find out more. She and her husband will be moving there for the duration. … Okay, this means 2 good things happened. And if I count my medicine costing less, that’s 3. Yay.

At night I’ve been binge-watching old episodes of Dallas. I’ve discovered I am a good recognizer of actors from many years ago. As soon as a man appeared in an episode as a shady police chief in the wilds of Colombia, I knew instantly he was from The Flying Nun — he was the Spanish businessman always complaining about Sister Bertrille. I think I saw that show when I was 4 or 5 and do not recall an actual episode, I have only impressions of it. In another Dallas episode, the professor from Gilligan’s Island appeared, playing a local sheriff.

posted on Sept 28, 2021 7:40 PM ()


For a time, we got our drugs from Canada and then they became available from the VA. Our health care system needs an overhaul. the farm and ranch stores sell a lot of things you can just walk in and buy like antibiotics
and the now infamous worm medicine.

comment by elderjane on Oct 9, 2021 2:33 AM ()
Two or three years ago my state passed a law that the state would somehow purchase pharmaceuticals from other countries in order to help keep the cost of prescriptions down for Colorado residents, and I was thinking that it is an official admission that the way things work in our country are so broken, the only hope is to do this kind of work around at the state level. And it doesn't seem like a sustainable plan for state governments. The good thing is that our federal government hasn't banned private citizens from purchasing prescription medication from wherever we can. I expect that the pharma lobbyists would like to see that ban.

I enjoy watching The Andy Griffith Show and Perry Mason reruns and identifying various actors who went on to make their name in other roles. Jack Nicholson, and Clint Eastwood for example.

comment by traveltales on Sept 29, 2021 7:51 PM ()
Colorado sounds pretty progressive as far as this goes. What I love about some countries is not needing a prescription for many commonly-used medications. Blood pressure meds, hormones, diabetic meds, some antibiotics, and more, are over the counter in lots of places. I know that presents a huge risk, but here we are in a country where idiot patients can demand they be provided horse medicine instead of what the doctor wanted to prescribe, and the cost of medical care is almost prohibitive. I don't think our system is working for patient benefit anyway.
reply by drmaus on Sept 30, 2021 8:19 AM ()
Am I the only one finding this past year wasn't isolated???? Okay, I wasn't going to the theatre or movies but I was having a lot longer and more intimate conversations with people!
comment by greatmartin on Sept 28, 2021 8:36 PM ()
Well, you were wise and made the most of it. Many of us just didn't; we were in some kind of fugue or something.
reply by drmaus on Sept 30, 2021 8:09 AM ()

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