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Different Memories

When I was a kid in Chicago I had a best friend named Wilda, who lived at the other end of our block. We went to the same grammar school. I have thought of her off and on – we lost touch when we grew into our teens. Recently I Googled her name and got a census report from 1940 in which her family was listed, their ages, her parents, her brothers, and her sister. A little slice of the past. It refreshed my memory. To think that her details would be on the internet is amazing. I wish I could find her. I wonder if she is still alive. My family is also on that 1940 census. I remember her mother bought her an upright piano and when I sat down to play it, a little piece called “Fluttering Leaves”, that began with a couple of chords, her mother cried, “My land, she’s going to break the piano.” There are reasons we didn’t stay close. There was no budding intellect in that family that could nurture a continuing friendship. Still, I’d like to see her again.

Cat fright: I was on the phone yesterday with my medical insurance company and idly looked out toward the pool deck and saw Tyler next to the cage and it looked all wrong. It was. Tyler WAS OUTSIDE THE CAGE. I freaked out, begged the indulgence of my caller, and ran out. The door had been left loose, and the little mugger nosed his way out. After a bit of coaxing, I got him to run back into the pool deck and closed the door. I still don’t know who left that door ajar. Max has gotten out a couple of times, has stayed away as long as 7 hours, but eventually comes back. During this time I prop open both pool doors, make sure the cat door isn't sealed, and hope for the best. I worry a lot too.

Store bummer. I wanted to get some underwear, didn’t want to order on line because I think my measurements got smaller, so thought I’d go into Kohl’s to try some things on. Their bra racks all featured Bali, no other brand. Their sizes all featured whale, nothing smaller than a 44. I mentioned my concerns to the check out clerk but I will also write to them. I will indulge in a little sarcasm. I tried to buy a sauce pan and a frying pan, but they only sell sets. Is it any wonder I buy on line?

posted on Nov 14, 2019 11:17 AM ()


Once the kitties get hungry they come back home meowing about their adventures. being free is not worth the price. I love online shopping too.
comment by elderjane on Nov 15, 2019 9:58 AM ()
There's that cat in the news who keeps opening up all the other cats' cage doors -- I guess they love a challenge. Once I had a dog who would climb out the open kitchen window and walk around on the roof. Very worrying!
comment by drmaus on Nov 14, 2019 6:41 PM ()
Silly kitties! They act nonchalant, but always have an ear tuned to detect a door that's been left ajar so they can make their escape.
comment by traveltales on Nov 14, 2019 11:32 AM ()

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