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I have not fallen off the face of the earth, just don't know where the time goes. I still make up recipes, just on Sunday's as the work week leaves me too tired to do much of anything. Hubby does most...
I want a new drug! LOL! I just found out that my daughter put my Ray of sunshine in a foster home. Why didn't you send him home? Why did you take the kids from me and put them in foster care, and then...
You own a beautiful home that just needs some's an old school house and you treat it like a dump! Take some pride in your the dishes and mop the floors, do something! Enough!I took...
So, July 2nd at 2:30 P.M. I am heading to Texas.My parents are deceased, probably a good thing in my present state of mind. But my mother, I use the term lightly, gave all three of us kids to a 15 yea...
We have moved in with my step-daughter and her family, they are slobs. I can't stand it. I hate messes and things should have a place or be taken away. I guess since I don't have a place I should be h...
My son-in-law asked me to duplicate a taco recipe from taco bell. Now you think taco's so you think corn tortilla's, right! So I go shopping I buy pinto beans and put them on to boil as soon as I get ...
It's been forever since I've blogged. So much to do so little time. I spend quite a bit of time playing Cafe World and Farm-ville over on Face book. I see a lot of your names there, and interact with ...
I am making fried chicken, twice baked potatoes with artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomato's with parmesan cheese and candied carrots. I pulled a whole lot out of the freezer and forgot that I only co...
I'm on vacation until this time next week. So we cleaned out the boys' room and set it up as a sewing room for me and a place were grandpa could put up his tools. I boxed a lot of stuff that needs to ...
I am so darn tired. Work has been stressful lately, I get home and just sit on the couch for quite awhile trying to take it all in. At least it's the week-end! Yeah!!!Hubby keeps taking pictures of me...
They are happy! So that's a plus. Mommy should be raising them not us, but I miss the little buggers very badly.Since we have no children for Christmas we're gonna go untraditional and do a ham and sc...
It's very frustrating! We're back to five days a week now at work. Thank goodness. We have a Christmas decorating contest of our areas and for two years the new department I'm working in hasn't done a...
It's not with good news that I return. I'm fighting depression so bad that I have to blog to try to come to terms with it all. You know I had my Jen's 2 little ones and my Ra of sunshine, well she beg...
There is a woman at work that is driving me batty! She's one of those people that you expect to walk in with a gun and start shooting. She's constantly talking to herself and answering herself too. I ...
Ra getting ready for the dance....Grandma's little darling....The other little darling....Have a great day all. I'll be cooking all week-end, will post as I go along.Happy Cooking,Sum...