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I like horror stories - but not when they happen to me. If you've read my other blogs, you'll know that I've broken my leg 3 times, bearly survived heart surgery, been smothered in concrete, thrown in Jail with a dangerous lunatic, been tied to a railway line, almost blown up, attacked by a squad of ninja's, survived a house fire, chased through a corn-field dodging machine gun bullets, poisoned in Romania and all this before I turned 36. It's not fair! 'Why does everyone want to kill me?

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When your children enter the big old adult world there are somethings you have no control over, like what career you kids choose to take - to maybe what relgion they opt to follow. But at least these ...
Taking 5 from the family 'Banquet.B.Q' to down anti-sick pills and pain killers! The never ending frustration cycle of nausea and headaches has continued to plague me, my family and baffle the doctors...
I didn't have much hope for the weather today, because first thing this AM there was some frost left over from last night. But all said, it did turn out to be a lovey warm spring day - lovely weather ...
Telephone Banking, it is a joke isn't it? I mean, they can call 'YOU' up on the phone, and insist on making sure 'You are who you are' by asking a series of 'tedious' security questions, we've all bee...
It's gone 3am. Why am I still awake? I think it's because I snoozed earlier on today when I should have fought the *eatentoomuchness-fatigue* 'But it's just so easy to go to bed after eating such a bi...
I wish I could say I got officially pimped by the sexy rapper Xzibit, but it wasn't to be this time! Instead our Mini-bus club promotion was quite cheerfully designed by one of my old school mates; 'S...
My oldest son turns 18 tomorrow. He's accomplished so much in his childhood years that when I look back over the years, I'm not surprised how fast the time has gone by given the scope of his interests...
Everybody should believe in something; 'I believe' it's time for a beer! Can I wet your whistle? :) ...
I am up to no good!!!...
It's been a funny old day, hubby disappeared first thing to go deep sea fishing and brought home some whiting and some cod; I'm so happy, but would have preferred if he filleted it on the boat Ewwwwww...
It looks different here! The boys and I have been busy all day returning the Christmas decorations back to their original packaging to spend the rest of the year gathering dust in the Attic until next...
***Happy New Year***May your year be filled with Hope, Faith, Love and Rest in 2011. I saw the New Year in with my family, it was good fun -they enjoyed watching the fireworks. I was late getting up t...
Lunchtime, yesterday; It must have only been 5 minutes from when we were laughing and joking with my dog buddie who was trying to eat the patio door to when he we discovered he was gone / disappeared ...
My wishes are to enter into next year "Without" a Karate Gi! I have a endless discussions with my husband about this, of course he thinks im over-reacting and should just "Get back on" so to speak. Bu...
Some of you may have been following my posts on FB today: FB: ***Loves watching people pay for their ignorance! A 'Council' refuse truck drove down our street and got stuck in the snow! He phones his ...