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Life & Events > I Want to Pimp a Web Site

I Want to Pimp a Web Site

Whenever I travel out of the local radio/TV market one of the first things I do is check out the local radio and TV stations. I like to get a feel for where I am: what music they prefer, what kind of food places advertise, etc.

I also have a habit when I have the time of going on youtube and searching for music from other parts of the world. Russian folk music, Arab chants, Akai throat singing.....

This new site-- Radio Garden --takes the work out of traveling to hear radio from around the world. The site has only been live since last Monday, but it currently has 8,000+ stations with more being added.

Today I have visited China, Russia, Australia (where I can understand the language) and several others. I have a Canadian station on now.

One interesting hint: I pays to know geography. The developers of the site realized that radio doesn't see borders so there are no country labels on the globe. Makes it more interesting in a way. Enjoy!

Radio Garden

posted on Dec 18, 2016 6:25 PM ()


cool....local radio here in Cow Snot is horrid. No clasical, no jazz, and six country stations which are about seven too many.

yer if not for the innernets, I'd have no culture at all pal
comment by honeybugg on Dec 28, 2016 5:42 AM ()
Tell us how you really feel about country, Bugg!
reply by jjoohhnn on Dec 28, 2016 9:39 AM ()
at least you understand my language
comment by kevinshere on Dec 19, 2016 2:59 AM ()
Yup, and one of the weather forecasts for the coast on the right was a piss. Instead of giving the temperatures she'd say things like just lovely or pleasant. Lot of good that did me.
reply by jjoohhnn on Dec 19, 2016 7:32 AM ()
That is just amazing. I was able to take a nice trip around the world. Surprising how blind you feel with no country borders.
comment by drmaus on Dec 19, 2016 12:44 AM ()
Yup, it was a challenge to locate certain parts of the middle-east. Surprising that even a war ravaged country like Syria would have a station or tow on the site. I also checked out Afghanistan and its neighbors to hear what our troops we be listening to if they don't have other sources of entertainment.
reply by jjoohhnn on Dec 19, 2016 7:31 AM ()
Thanks for letting us know. Years ago I enjoyed a station from the Netherlands that played songs from the 1930s through 1950s. American songs, English songs, but my favorites were the ones in other languages. There was one that appeared to be about dog sledding in Siberia that was a lot of fun to listen to. Another of my favorites was from Germany - 'Heeeets Und Oldeeeez!' from the 1970s and 1980s.
comment by troutbend on Dec 18, 2016 8:39 PM ()
There is still a program that originates there on public radio. 10 at night Eastern time, I think. I haven't heard it lately since the radio in my bedroom doesn't get that station after the siding was put on the house. Probably the aluminum on the insulation that blocks the signal. Fortunately I can still get public radio with an app on my droid, but I don't listen to the radio late evenings.
reply by jjoohhnn on Dec 19, 2016 7:28 AM ()
Don't remember the last time I 'listened' to radio. Is it ? For a pimp you aren't to clear for your Johns!!!
comment by greatmartin on Dec 18, 2016 8:07 PM ()
It's radiogarden but probably not .com since it comes from the Netherlands. It's the little green (on my display) link at the bottom of the post that says Radio Garden.
reply by jjoohhnn on Dec 19, 2016 7:25 AM ()

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