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Life & Events > Week of October 20, 2021

Week of October 20, 2021

#1 and 5 Rainy season is over but we have 6 more weeks of hurricane season--whatever 'season' it is the weather has been beautiful (some might even call it 'cool' going down to the 70s overnight!) Only problem are the King Tides which floods the property but by Noon all is dry.

#2 For people who might think all I eat is carrot cake!! Every night, with dinner, I have a tossed salad with various lettuces, onions and tomatoes, a baked Idaho or sweet potato and grapes while it is a glass of orange juice and an apple with breakfast

#3 and 9 Jeff with his guide dog which he is training--the dog is great but right now too friendly with everyone

#4 and 6 Little by little we are being taken over by Iguanas--in
#6 the number is right under the tail of this Iguana on the side of the tree--some are growing toooooooooooo big!

# 7 and 8 Hard to see in number 7 but the squirrel fades into the tree while in number 8 his head is right above the number
# 10 is the tree orchid growing bigger and more beautiful each day

#12 What is nature without pigeons???

#11 Have you ever heard of Ranchers (trade name) steaks? With prices going sky high people really can't afford to buy steak consequently they go on sale before the end date and I get one every Thursday as a treat--they really are the best beef steaks I have ever had and in some cases I am getting a NY Strip under $5 a pound--I add a salad and a potato and, somehow, I don't know how that happens, I see a dark chocolate bar sneaked in--well, dark chocolate is healthy, right?

posted on Oct 20, 2021 2:53 PM ()


Yes, I thought you ate carrot cake all the time! The other day in Walmart I was standing in the bakery/deli and my eye fell upon some sort of carrot cake moon pies. But smaller than moon pies and no frosting on the outside, more like Amish Whoopie Pies. I thought of you, but didn't buy them just because I know you like carrot cake because I would be the one eating them. At least they're not 'kale cake.'
comment by traveltales on Oct 20, 2021 9:28 PM ()
Without cream cheese frosting they are NOT carrot cake!!!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 21, 2021 7:49 AM ()

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