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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews Oct 2021 Part 4

Streaming Reviews Oct 2021 Part 4

1) "My Name Is Pauli Murray"--Amazon Prime--documentary--1 hour & 31 minutes--I am ashamed to admit that I had never heard of or known about this woman--she has so many 'firsts' to her name and so many people are indebted to her for what did for them--she was the first female alum of Howard University's law school, graduating at the top of her class--she co-founded NOW--she did sit-ins 20 years before they became known of--she refused to move to the back of the bus years before Rosa Parks--YOU MUST SEE THIS FILM TO SEE WHAT THIS WOMAN ACCOMPLISHED

2) "Shared Rooms"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 15 minutes--the film follows 3 different couples--the first couple meet through a web site--the second are roommates--the third find themselves 'parents' of the nephew of one of them--each story is basic and quick--A FILM FOR CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR'S

3) "From Zero to I Love You"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 46minutes--a lot of subjects not normally talked about in gay films from inter-racial to married men cheating on their wives with men--AN INTERESTING FILM MORE FOR THE SUBJECT THAN THE TELLING

4) "Giant Little Ones"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 32 minutes--Ah teenagers, young love, gay, straight, transgender, misunderstandings---I am so glad I was never a teenager!! IT IS AN 'OKAY' FILM WITH TOO MANY CUTS, SHORT SCENES

5) "Meeting Point"--Netflix--Yugoslavian movie--1 hour & 29 minutes--Man and woman, strangers, meet--complete opposites--trying to find meaning in their lives--JUST MISSES BEING GOOD/INTERESTING--BECOMES BORING

6) "You"--Netflix-series--season 3--10 episodes--8 hours & 10 minutes--Joe, as a killer, has finally met his match, Love, has married her, they have a son and now live in a suburban paradise and immediately she kills a neighbor--no, you are not crazy rooting for Joe--SEASON 4 HAS ALREADY BEEN ORDERED--WITH 2 KILLERS CAN THEY LIVE EVER HAPPILY AFTER?

posted on Oct 19, 2021 1:13 PM ()

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