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Food & Drink > Tequila Sunrise Restaurant Review

Tequila Sunrise Restaurant Review

I have been coming to the restaurant for over 20 years and though never disappointed nothing really stands out except for their Margaritas but I don't drink anymore. Had a groupon so we decided to have a late lunch. There were two servers and a bus person handling the two rooms plus a couple of outside tables and the service was fine with Aldo primarily waiting on us. The salsa served with the chips had to much 'juice' which made dripping all over a major problem. I had the chicken fajitas and Allen had a pork dish and though neither were bad they weren't a stand out either. They generous with shredded cheese and pico de gallo for the fajitas along with the vegetables and chicken on the hot skillet. A problem with the chicken was that it was cut into chunks making it difficult to wrap in the tortillas. Allen's dish had generous portions of pork along with peppers, tomatoes and onions. He had a diet coke while I had coffee and we both had plain vanilla ice cream for dessert. The check came to $29.61 minus the $10 coupon and we left an $8 tip. Though the restaurant hasn't changed much since the new owners took over as far as décor goes it is clean and mainly clichés. The only smiles you saw in the restaurant were from the customers who were drinking the huge margaritas while the main difference from the previous owners to the new ones was the lack of welcome, feeling like a friend or a member of the family, which is what made the old Tequila Sunrise an above average Mexican restaurant and makes the current one just another Mexican restaurant, reliable but not worth a special trip.

posted on Oct 3, 2019 7:55 PM ()


Not too expensive and it didn't suck, so not too bad.
comment by jjoohhnn on Oct 4, 2019 8:16 AM ()
I go there 2-3 times a year--we have so many Mexican restaurants here!!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 4, 2019 9:26 AM ()

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