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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews September 2022 Part 4

Streaming Reviews September 2022 Part 4

1) "Julia"--HBOMAX--limited series--8 episodes--6 hours & 6 minutes--Synopsis: Julia Child's rise to stardom and the hurdles she had to get over to get there--when I saw Meryl Streep play Julia Child I saw her acting as Julia--here Sarah Lancashire IS Julie Child and I got to know her--Lancashire is surrounded by a really first rate supporting cast starting with David Hyde Pierce--with so many stage actors and a soundtrack from Judy Garland to Nancy Walker "Julia" is a really delightful series.

2) "Gaslit"--STARZ--limited series--8 episodes--7 hours & 3 minutes--Synopsis: revisiting Watergate with the emphasis on Martha Mitchell's role in it--from Julia Child we turn to Julia Roberts and she does a superb job as 'the mouth of the South' and is missed when not on screen--Sean Penn, as John Mitchell, is unrecognizable and does an excellent job--no matter how familiar you may be with Watergate this is a new look and a star-powered drama that grips you just as Julia Roberts does who is fantastic.

3) "Meril Sapere Aude"--NETFLIX--Season 2--8 episodes--5 hours & 55 minutes--Synopsis: the continuing story of Pol Rubio seeking a career in philosophy, his life at the university, his trying to figure out his sexuality and one of his professor's, Maria Bolano, who has an alcohol problem, a daughter with Down Syndrome and constantly challenges Pol in and out of school--a standout of the cast is Maria Pujalte as the professor--unlike most series with many characters in this series each person has a story that is interesting and moves the story along--Pol says to Alex, "I don't want to cry," and Alex replies, "I want you to cry,"--I CRIED!!!, a lot during this series, both seasons.

4) "Sweet Life: Los Angeles"--HBOMAX--Season 1--10 episodes--5 hours & 38 minutes--Synopsis: wealthy young people, mostly 25 years old, and Black--the show basically revolves around 7 of them--there is a lot of humor as we watch them pursue their dreams but there is far more drama--too much drama, especially since I don't empathize with 25 year olds and find they are wasting a lot of their lives on silly things.

5) "Topsy-Turvy"--HBOMAX--Movie--2 hours & 40 minutes--Synopsis: in 1884 the most successful partnership on the English stage, Gilbert & Sullivan, were in trouble--a very British film in a good way--we see Gilbert & Sullivan actually make "The Mikado" come to life after they have a falling out--"The more I see of men the more I admire dogs"--if you like that and/or identify with it you will love this film! :O)

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