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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews November 2022 Part 1

Streaming Reviews November 2022 Part 1

1) "The Meddler"--Starzs--movie--1 hour & 43 minutes--Synopsis: a widow moves to Los Angeles to be closer to her daughter--the film is a showcase for Sarandon and a joy to watch her even if the screen play isn't up to what she is capable of--in a way her meddling is abuse and could have used more imagination.

2) "Young Royals"--Netflix--Swedish series--season 1--6 episodes--4 hours & 47 minutes--Synopsis: Prince Williams enrolls in a boarding school which is where his older brother, the king to be, attended. Oh no! Not another young adults in school 'finding' themselves?! NO! Yes, there is drinking, drugs and booze but here we have a royal prince not quite the usual student nor where his story goes--the acting, especially by the villain, is excellent and the story is handled beautifully--anxiously waiting for season 2!

3) "Firebird"--Prime--British movie based on a true story--1 hour & 47 minutes--Synopsis: a romantic drama set in the cold war era based on a Russian's memoir about his love affair with a fighter pilot with the latter having to choose between his wife and career or his lover--it ends with some facts and the last sentence you see is "Please share this with someone you love"--an old school melodrama that is moving but could have been more effective if the screenplay had been cut by 15-20 minutes.

4) "Everything Calls For Salvation"--Netflix--Italian series--season 1--7 episodes--5 hours & 21 minutes--Synopsis: waking up involuntarily committed to a mental hospital Daniele has to learn how to live and love with the help of his fellow patients--mental health is taken more seriously today and it is interesting following what happened to Daniele to get where he is and how he deals with how it happened--though the patients are basically run of the mill Hollywood types Daniele's story is worth following and looking forward to what happens to him.

5) "From Scratch"--Netflix--limited series--8 episodes--7 hours & 2 minutes--Synopsis: an artist finds romance with an Italian Chef in Italy and she embarks on a life changing journey--many love stories take place starting with the artist and chef, the love between family members and the melodrama between the two families--there are conflicts between sisters and divorced parents-- there really is nothing new here--there are the smiles and tears--if course the scenery is beautiful and as many stories you have seen like this it is a good series with a 'difference' here that is not small in a TV series.

6) "The Good Nurse"--Netflix--movie based on a true story--Synopsis: an ICU nurse doesn't want to believe her kind, new colleague and friend could be killing patients--without 'high dramatics', except for one 5 minute scene, we feel the tension of a killer with no remorse--Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Chastain hold your interest to keep the suspense going.

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