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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews April 2022 Part 3

Streaming Reviews April 2022 Part 3

1) "Audible"--Netflix--documentary--38 minutes--a rare glimpse into the lives of 4-5 teens who are still reeling from a suicide of one of their friends--as we meet them the boys of a deaf football team who have never lost a game to other deaf teams are not faring well in this game against a hearing team----A MUST SEE---TELLS MORE IN 38 MINUTES THAN A 2 HOUR FILM WOULD TELL!

2) "Brad's Status"--Prime Video--movie--1 hour & 41 minutes--a father and son are on tour of New England colleges which the son has applied for including one the father graduated from--the father is going through the change of his son leaving home and is feeling he is a failure, especially in comparison to his extremely wealthy college buddies of yesteryear--
why does a director and/or screenwriter feel their story needs to be told in mostly voice over by the main character? It also hinders the story (in this case Mike White is both director & screenwriter)-- THE CAST DOES A GOOD JOB AND THE MOVIE IS NEITHER GOOD OR BAD--JUST A MOVIE.

3) "SHUBH MANGAL ZYADA SAAVDHAN"--Prime Video--East Indian/Filipino movie--1 hour & 57 minutes--funny, crazy, a farce covers a lot of gay issues with parents, relatives, in-laws, straight and gay marriages, couples, arranged marriages--IT IS ZANY, WILD, EMOTIONAL SHOWING HOW MORE ALIKE PEOPLE ARE THAN NOT!

4) "All The Old Knives"--Prime Video--movie--1 hour & 42 minutes--a thriller--8 years after the fact a hijacking of a plane is being revisited by the CIA team investigating it again never solving what happened at the time--2 agents, who were on the case, Henry (Chris Pine) and Celia (Thandiwe Newton) are ex-lovers who are still, strongly, attracted to each other even though she is now married (to someone else) and has kids--director Janus Metz and screenwriter Olen Steinhauer (based on the latter's book) have 2 stories to tell and the one of the investigation is given more importance for the movie's good but leaves the audience wanting more of what ignited the couple's love and many sex scenes that, if eliminated, would have cut the movie to a lot less time--A SLOW MOVING INVOLVED THRILLER WITH A LOT OF 'R' SEX SCENES BETWEEN 2 ACTORS WITH A LOT OF CHEMISTRY!

5) "The Protege"--Prime Video--movie--1 hour & 49 minutes-- a violent thriller--I lost the count of those killed in the first 10 minutes--yes, that type of movie--there is a lot of violence, mainly by the lead actress, Maggie Q, and then there is a lot of violence against her--oh, let's not forget Michael Keaton giving and getting a lot of violence--ANYONE FOR VIOLENCE THIS IS YOUR MOVIE--IT IS A QUICK MOVING FILM AND I ONLY COVERED MY EYES A DOZEN TIMES!

posted on Apr 11, 2022 4:16 PM ()


Oh. John Woo. My brain doesn't do names so well anymore.
comment by drmaus on Apr 13, 2022 7:43 AM ()
At least you have a brain!!
Don't know John Woo or John Yoo!
reply by greatmartin on Apr 13, 2022 9:40 AM ()
You have a far wider range of interest for movies than I do. And these days one category I actually look for is “movies that are kind of calm and will not keep me from falling asleep if I’m tired.” The ones I used to look for are so loud and active I can hardly stand them. To think I used to watch John Yoo movies.
comment by drmaus on Apr 11, 2022 5:46 PM ()
Who is John Yoo???????????????
I'm a romantic comedy kind of guy but 9 out of 10 movies are violent, not funny, too many special effects, etc. Where's Julia Roberts when you need her???
reply by greatmartin on Apr 11, 2022 7:23 PM ()

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