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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of Sept. 14, 2020--netflix

Streaming Reviews--week of Sept. 14, 2020--netflix

1) "Hope Frozen"--Documentary--1 hour and 19 minutes--interesting, moving, complicated--obviously true love for the child is real even if they may never know if it was a success or not--glaring omission is nothing about costs now or in the future and being cryonically frozen at death will be in the future.

2) "The Social Dilemma"--Documentary--1 hour and 33 minutes--it will/could stop you from using a cell phone, the Internet or any technology of the recent past and present--if you are not 100% aware of what happens when you turn your phone on or strike a key on your keyboard and no matter how smart you may be you aren't 100% aware no matter what you may think--A MUST SEE!

3) "Strange But True"--Movie--1 hour and 35 minutes--a lot better than I expected--lots of twists--a strong cast where the veteran actors do much better than the newcomers and hopefully the latter will become the former--just remember 'it's a movie'!

4) "All Together Now"--Movie--1 hour and 34 minutes--teenage tear jerker--I liked the last 45 minutes--surprised Carol Burnett is in it as that is not advertised--just okay if you just want to watch a movie.

5) "Criminal UK"--Series--part of a series also taking place in France, Germany and Spain in separate episodes--the British section is 4 episodes--3 hours--I feel as if I have watched this before but don't remember any of the episodes unless there was an American version--in any case the UK sections are interesting enough for me to want to see the other country episodes--for crime investigation fans.

posted on Sept 18, 2020 2:56 PM ()


I don't know--picture didn't show! ARGH!!
comment by greatmartin on Sept 18, 2020 2:59 PM ()

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