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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of February 1, 2021

Streaming Reviews--week of February 1, 2021

1) "London Spy"--Netflix--British limited series--5 episodes---4 hours and 47 minutes-- originally on BBC then PBS and now Netflix--as the first episode finished all I could think of was "WOW"! I was hooked and though I hoped it wouldn't be disappointing I am so glad to report it wasn't. The center relationship (one of many) captures you just as the spy aspect does. A DEFINITE MUST SEE--AS EXPECTED FIRST-RATE ACTING FROM COMPLETE BRITISH CAST--WHERE AND/OR WHEN IS SEASON 2?

2) "Black Rose"--Netflix--Nigerian movie--2 hours--First hour and 45 minutes is a good film, love story, comedy, look at how other people live and then it all falls apart, especially the last 'explanation'--DISAPPOINTING

3) "The Highwaymen"--Netflix--Hollywood movie--2 hours & 12 minutes--a true story about 2 lawmen going after Bonnie & Clyde-I would suggest you watch the 1967 "Bonnie & Clyde" starring Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty, directed by Arthur Penn, which is much better in telling the story!

4) "Queen of the South"--originally on USA and now on Netflix--adapted from a Spanish novella--6 seasons (4 on Netflix as of now)--10 episodes each season--running approximately 6 hours and 50 minutes per season--underlying the violence involved in running a drug empire this series has a lot of heart, mainly provided by Alice Braga, who is dynamite, as Teresa, running from Mexico and setting up a narcotics organization in the USA--Alice Braga is a STAR, not to be missed and the series keeps up with her!

5) "The Dig"--Netflix--British movie--1 hour & 52 minutes--based on the true story of the excavation in 1939 on the estate of widow Edith Pretty lead by Basil Brown a self-taught archeologist--it is a typical British film which is a good thing!

6) "Triple Frontier"--Netflix--American film--2 hours & 5 minutes--if you like thrillers with chases and shootouts this might be for you--I don't so I fast-forwarded through at least an hour--some of the heist scenes were fine but the character interactions aren't.

7) "The Mess You Leave Behind"--Netflix--Spanish series--8 episodes--6 hours & 3 minutes- -I watched all 8 episodes thinking I have seen all 8 episodes before and I still don't know if I have!! Looking to see if I reviewed it before!

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