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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--week of December 20, 2020

Streaming Reviews--week of December 20, 2020

1) "Let It Snow"--Netflix--American Christmas Film--1 hour & 33 minutes--about a quarter of the way through I was going to give up, then all of a sudden it clicked! Covers all the bases of young adult/teenage love--good Christmas movie!

2) "How to Ruin Christmas: The Wedding"--Netflix--South African series--season 1--3 episodes--2 hours and 24 minutes-- it is a Christmas story so we will be kind but I loved the whole South African vibe and the look at love, marriage & Christmas--I saw and learned so many things I never knew--I can't wait for season 2

3) "Your Name Engraved Herein"--Netflix--Taiwanese Film--1 hour and 54 minutes--is being publicized as 'the biggest LGBTQ film of 2020'--don't know how many others were made is boy meets boy, boy loves boy, boy loses boy end of gay romance unlike straight romantic movies where most times there is a 'happy ever after'--it is a look at the period setting of the 1980s and the country at that time which is the main reason to see it.

4) "The Wilds"--Amazon Pride--Series--Season 1--10 episodes--8 hours & 42 minutes--would have been more interesting if they hadn't given a major spoiler in first 2 episodes--sort of a take-off of "Lost" and/or "Lord of the Flies" only here we have 8 young females stranded on an island realizing they have no hope of being rescued--the cliff hanger will make me go back for season 2.

5) "Tiny Pretty Things"--Netflix--Series--Season 1--10 episodes--9 hours & 22 minutes--a young adult thriller, mystery, drama takes place in a ballet company with the politics of adults making life more difficult for the youngsters--good.

6) "Rose Island"--Netflix--Film--1 hour & 58 minutes--based on an incredible true story of a man who builds an island in international waters with his own rules, a new language, own money, post office, flag, etc.--I was surprised that I never heard about it--it is a lot of fun, shaking of the head--doesn't answer all the questions a viewer might have but a MUST SEE!

7) "Toy Boy"--Netflix--Marbella, Spain Series--13 episodes--14 hours & 46 minutes--a much better, longer mystery series than the movie "Magic Mike"--a lot of camp, a lot of dancing strippers scenes, a Spanish soap opera, two main love stories that will keep you coming back--not a must-see but a fun series with emotional moments.

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