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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews--june 2022--part 1

Streaming Reviews--june 2022--part 1

1) "Emergency"--Prime--2022 movie (many movies and series have this title--be sure to get this version)--1 hour & 45 minutes--from the beginning we think we know where it is going and it does but then it changes and we hope we are wrong--a tenseness enters our brain without us being aware--there are some laughs--some funny some not--Strong performances in a strong movie--last shot of Kunle will haunt you!

2) "The Pursuit of Love"--Prime--season 1--3 episodes--3 hours--2 women are friends for life as different as they may be from each other and as different as their lives become--takes place in the 1930s and 1940s in England & Europe--being co-dependent the women each are progressive in their own way--nothing special but enjoyable.

3) "Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The unheard Tapes"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 44 minutes--I must admit I was never particularly a fan of MM (as she was known) though I did see most of her pictures and read the gossip about her--might attract those over 60 and/or movie addicts--the screenplay tries to make a big mystery of the tapes and her, especially her death but I doubt you will learn anything new about MM even if you are 20 years old--unless you want to find out the basics of her life this really isn't worth your time.

4) "The Invisible Thread"-Netflix--Italian movie--1 hour & 45 minutes--Leone is the son of 2 fathers and at that time two men couldn't get married or legally adopt a child so they found a surrogate woman to have a child for them and is very involved in his life though she lives in the USA--by the time he is 11 the two men can have a legal civil union and when a teenager both names of his father was allowed on the birth certificate--sounds like a happy family but what kind of movie would that make?! Let's throw in a possible divorce, Leone falling in love with a girl at school but how can that be--he must be gay with 2 gay fathers!--a mixture of drama and comedy and when the question of who is Leone's biological father you will find yourself rooting for one or the other but it will be Leone who takes a beating with all that is going on.

5) "Ricky Gervais: Supernature"--Netflix--standup comic film--1 hour & 4 minutes--do you want to hear a crude, rude comic explain comedy poorly this is for you--all it did was make me vow to NOT see any more standup comic shows!

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