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Food & Drink > Spatch Peri-peri Restaurant Review & a Question

Spatch Peri-peri Restaurant Review & a Question

Before I get into my 'review' I have a question that maybe someone in the business can answer--what do 'fast casual restaurants' save in expenses by not having table service? Except for the customer giving their order to and paying a cashier their really doesn't seem to be much difference. Your order is taken, they serve the food, they clean the table and they take your money. In a full service restaurant a server does that and actually costs the owner less as they pay out less actual money than minimum wage in a fast casual restaurant. What am I missing here except the customer is sort of inconvenienced and not paying any less than he/she would pay in a full service restaurant? Now that I got that out of my system so on to Spatch. I was at their 3848 N. Fed location back in April 2017 and decided it was okay but not worth a second trip. Well, today I made that second trip because it was convenient and Allen is on a diet and sticking to salads plus I had gotten a buy 1 get 1 free coupon in the mail. I had the Spatch chicken sandwich with a side of fries ($10.49) and a lemonade ($2.59) while Allen had the Grilled Chicken salad ($9.99) (I didn't charge him for the few fries of mine he had LOL) and a bottle of water ($3.50) for $28.39 plus the change as a tip. Minus the 2-4-1 the check was $20.01 Allen didn't say anything about his salad and though my sandwich was okay I could have done without a few garnishes on it. All in all no complaints with the restaurant but no compelling reason to go back. I would rather go to a full service restaurant and pay the extra $2-3 as the peri-peri chicken isn't enough for me to eat chicken in a restaurant unless it is topped with melted cheddar cheese and sauce served with pasta! :O)

posted on Jan 31, 2019 5:46 PM ()


comment by jerms on Jan 31, 2019 8:49 PM ()
That's me!
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