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Gay, Poor Old Man

News & Issues > Read and Learn Instead of Being Dumb

Read and Learn Instead of Being Dumb

glbtq Newsletter Spotlight: Latina/Latino American Art and Literature

to the October 1, 2013 newsletter of, the world's largest
encyclopedia of gay culture.

NEW ON glbtq

Robert Drivas (1938-1986) brought a provocative sexuality and an
emotional intensity to his stage and screen performances at a time when
the male body was being liberated as the object of the audience's gaze.

IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Latina/Latino American Art and Literature

glbtq Communities in the U.S. pursue multiple visions, diverse
politics, and a variety of struggles for identity and liberation. Their
efforts have helped shape the meaning of what it means to be queer and
Latina and Latino in the U.S. and transnationally, and have produced a
variety of cultural expressions.

and writer Gloria Anzaldúa (1942-2004) co-edited This Bridge Called My
Back: Writings by Radical Women of Color, which was published in 1981.
It was the first collective, systematic, and widely publicized work to
feature the voices of feminists of color in the United States.

American artist Félix González-Torres (1957-1996) shaped an art that
was at once personal and political, reflecting his AIDS and gay rights

Lesbian and Gay Artists often confront, with a peculiarly personal
urgency, the crucial issues of gender, sexuality, and acceptance that
have obsessed American culture generally in the past several decades.

Lesbian Literature is a fast-growing, vibrant, and diverse literary
tradition that offers readers innovative models for creating alliances
among diverse peoples.

Gay Literature includes novels, poetry, drama, and essays that deal
directly with gay themes, but the cultural forces of machismo and Roman
Catholicism have slowed the development of a Latino gay identity.

Manrique (b. 1949) is a Colombian-born writer who came to international
attention in 1992 with the publication of Latin Moon in Manhattan. The
novel paints a vivid picture of a gay man's life and identities in New
York City's Colombian community.

Moraga (b. 1952) is a Chicana lesbian writer and editor who sees women
of color as revolutionary forces who bridge cultural divides. Moraga
criticizes male-identified Chicano culture for silencing Chicanas; she
has also participated in a successful movement to encourage the
acceptance of writers of color as significant contributors to American
lesbian literature.

Nava (b. 1954) is best known for his seven-novel mystery series
featuring gay Chicano lawyer Henry Rios. He has enjoyed increasing
recognition as an important novelist whose mature work transcends the
limited expectations of the popular and highly specialized Mystery

Ortiz-Taylor (b. 1939) is a prolific writer and respected teacher.
Experts consider Faultline (1982), her debut novel, the first to feature
a lesbian Chicana protagonist.

Rechy (b. 1934) draws on his own experience as a hustler in City of
Night (1963), Numbers (1967), and several other novels. Though he
derides the designation "gay writer" and has written several novels
unrelated to gay life, he will most likely be remembered as a brutal and
lyrical chronicler of the pre-Stonewall sexual underworld.

Rodriguez (b. 1944) is a Mexican-American essayist and memoirist who
may be the most widely read Latino American author. His description of
himself as a "morose homosexual" rather than a gay one and his criticism
of affirmative action and bilingual education reflect his frequently
controversial indifference to political correctness.

Sanchez (b. 1957) is a youth and family counselor and an immigrant from
Mexico. His unique background has helped make him an important voice in
today's Young Adult glbtq Literature canon. Though his work has
achieved critical acclaim, several conservative groups have tried to
prevent the young people for whom it is written from seeing it. Some
have succeeded.

Sarria (1922-2013) was a San Francisco singer, drag performer, and
activist who exemplified gay pride before the phrase was invented.
Perhaps best known as the first openly gay candidate for political
office, he also founded the International Court System and presided over
the expansion of drag culture into a vast network of charity balls and

NOTABLE BIRTHDAYS, October 1 through October 31

October 1: Composer Sylvano Bussotti, 1931

2: Transsexual writer Jan Morris, 1926; photographer Annie Leibovitz,
1949; Haitian-born poet and editor Assotto Saint, 1957

October 3:
Actress Eleanora Duse, 1859; composer Karol Maciej Szymanowski, 1882;
writer Gore Vidal, 1925; dancer Erik Bruhn, 1928; writer Bernard Cooper,
1951; Scissor Sisters lead singer Jason Sellards (Jake Shears), 1978

October 4: Pet Shop Boy Christopher Sean Lowe, 1959

5: French diplomat, soldier, and transvestite Chevalier d'Éon, 1728;
British writer and activist John Addington Symonds, 1840; artist and
mystic Forrest Bess, 1911; Québécoise writer Marie-Clair Blais, 1939;
major league umpire Dave Pallone, 1951; writer and artist Clive Barker,
1952; news anchor Thomas Roberts, 1972

October 6: Russian writer Mikhail Alekseyevich Kuzmin, 1872; film director Mitchell Leisen, 1898

7: German photographer Herman List, 1903; classical piano virtuoso
Shura Cherkassky, 1909; American novelist John Horne Burns, 1916; artist
and museum curator J. B. Harter, 1940; economist Marilyn Waring, 1952

October 8: Russian poet Marina Ivanovna Tsvetaeva, 1892; activist Urvashi Vaid, 1958

9: American sculptor Harriet Goodhue Hosmer, 1830; French composer
Camille Saint-Saëns, 1835; British artist Simeon Solomon, 1840

October 10: Film director Ed Wood, 1924

11: American First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884; classical pianist
Vladimir Horowitz, 1903; choreographer Jerome Robbins, 1918;
photographer Peter Hujar, 1934; writer Elana Dykewomon, 1949; Canadian
human rights activist and writer Douglas Wilson, 1950; political
organizer and creator of the AIDS Quilt Cleve Jones, 1954

October 12: British mystic and author Aleister Crowley, 1875; photographer, writer, and publisher Stathis Orphanos, 1940

13: Female-to-male transsexual and philanthropist Reed Erickson, 1917;
poet Richard Howard, 1929; activist Charlotte Bunch, 1944

14: Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844; British writer Vernon Lee,
1856; New Zealand-born writer Katherine Mansfield, 1888; photographer
Ruth Bernhard, 1905; painter Janet Cooling, 1951

October 15: Director José Quintero, 1924; philosopher Michel Foucault, 1926

16: Writer Oscar Wilde, 1854; radical scholar Mary Daly, 1928;
sociologist Laud Humphreys, 1930; writer Paul Monette, 1945

October 17: Actor Montgomery Clift, 1920; columnist and author Dan Savage, 1964

October 18: German writer Heinrich von Kleist, 1777; philanthropist Tim Gill, 1953; tennis champion Martina Navratilova, 1956

October 19: Neoplatonic philosopher Marsilio Ficino, 1433; actor and writer George Nader, 1921; actor Divine, 1945

October 20: French poet Arthur Rimbaud, 1854; progressive era activist Frances Alice Kellor, 1873

21: Pioneer of the gay rights movement William Dale Jennings, 1917;
science fiction writer Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929; British novelist Maureen
Duffy, 1933; American novelist Robert Ferro, 1941

October 22:
Actress Sarah Bernhardt, 1844; poet Lord Alfred Douglas, 1870; painter
Robert Rauschenberg, 1925; artist Delmas Howe, 1935; filmmaker and
screenwriter William "Bill" Condon, 1955; composer Marc Shaiman, 1959

October 23: Architect Paul Rudolph, 1918; composer Ned Rorem, 1923

24: German poet August von Platen, 1796; playwright and director Moss
Hart, 1904; actor B.D. Wong, 1960; novelist Emma Donoghue, 1969

October 25: French artist Claude Cahun, 1894

October 26: B-52s rocker Keith Strickland, 1953; British writer Adam Mars-Jones, 1954

27: Poet and playwright Katherine Bradley, 1846; novelist and publisher
June Arnold, 1926; champion golfer Patty Sheehan, 1956

October 28: Artist Anna Elizabeth Klumpke, 1856; British novelist Evelyn Waugh, 1903; artist Francis Bacon, 1909

October 30: French artist Louise Abbéma, 1858; cinematographer and filmmaker Néstor Almendros, 1930

31: American writer Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, 1852; poet,
memoirist, and epigrammatist Natalie Clifford Barney, 1876; French
artist Marie Laurençin, 1883; American artist Clara Estelle Sipprell,
1885; singer and actress Ethel Waters, 1896; actor David Ogden Stiers,

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I love the title - instead of being dumb.
comment by troutbend on Oct 1, 2013 8:30 PM ()
I see that you made it there my man.Or made it here.
Did you find out what happen there?
comment by fredo on Oct 1, 2013 4:01 PM ()

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