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Cities & Towns > Memphis, Tennessee Part 2

Memphis, Tennessee Part 2

no secret that these days I take a camera wherever I go so I am sort of
surprised that for the 10 years I lived in Memphis I took very few
pictures outdoors--in fact I don't even have a picture of the new,
white, 1970 Cadillac convertible that the business bought for me in

gone through google, bing and other search engines but I couldn't find
pictures of what I wanted such as Pappy's Lobster Shack which was
definitely a shack. Not only were all the rooms mismatched but each wall
had many patterns of wallpaper and no two tiles on the floor matched.
Pappy's was in Overton Square before it was renovated and was one of the
first restaurants I went to after arriving in Memphis. Though it is
over 30+ years I can still taste that Pompano en Pappolette that was so
good I wanted to eat thye parchment paper it was baked in.

had many excellent restaurants including The Four Flames and Justine's,
both antebellum homes, with the former serving prime ribs and the
latter concentrating on old fashioned French food. Though it was 1969
and Martin Luther King had been shot to death in downtown Memphis the so
called 'better' restaurants still hung onto Black servers. Justine's
was a 5 star restaurant and as formal as a restaurant could get.


Memphis there were barbecue restaurants all over the city one being the
world famous Rendezvous Room just a walk away from the Peabody Hotel.
On the other hand the two or three what they called 'delis'--with New
York always proceeding the phrase--were horrendous. There were many
excellent restaurants including The Shelby Motel right out side of town
where they had the most succulent fried catfish and, I forget the name, a
restaurant right off the Memphis University campus where you could get
the best Southern breakfasts, with grits, made as they should be.

was on top of the Union Planters bank building on Poplar Avenue that I
ate in my first revolving restaurant and it was there, having dinner
with John, that we sat and watched Nixon resign. There were Italian
restaurants like Grisanti's and---darn! Where did I keep the
camera?!--one I loved that was just across the railroad tracks between
Park and Poplar Avenues--maybe Chuck remembers the name--he is younger
than me!  LOL

really didn't mean to make this whole blog about food but the great
restaurants in Memphis only added to my joy of living there. Next time
I'll talk about the ice skating rink, picking greens,  seeing "The Boys
In The Band", which was a shock at that time in the Bible Belt, Gig
Young in "Long's Day Journey Into Night", Mudd Island and the pyramid,
Overton Square and park, Our Weigh, Memphis In May carnival, my missing
diaries from 1970-1976 and what I think happened to them, my last visit
there and why I felt I had to leave in 1979.

posted on Oct 20, 2013 4:36 PM ()


The Rendezvous had an appetizer that was just saltine crackers served with sliced cheddar and smoked sausage pieces coated with their famous seasoning. Oh, shoot. I just looked at their menu to confirm this, and everything looks so good, now I won't be able to sleep for thinking about it.
comment by troutbend on Oct 20, 2013 7:21 PM ()
I don't even want to look at the menu--I don't want to see the prices--remember I was there is the 70s and they were expensive then!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 20, 2013 8:28 PM ()
All I ever ate there was a HUGE plate of ribs with potato and slaw!!!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 20, 2013 8:27 PM ()

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