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Life & Events > Leap Year 2020 February 26-28

Leap Year 2020 February 26-28

My Leap Year birthday started officially Wednesday, February 26, 2020, when Terry and Chuck (#4 Terry on the left, me & Chuck on the right 7 & 14) arrived in Fort Lauderdale. We had dinner at the Love Sushi Rock restaurant--I didn't have my phone or camera so no pictures!! They arrived bearing gifts #3--CHOCOLATE! Did you know there is a chocolate-covered Oreo cookie? It is the one with the pink heart.

On Thursday we went for lunch at the Quarterdeck--#s 4, 8, 12, 13 and 14.

Friday we went up to Wilton Manors visiting the Stonewall Museum and had lunch at The Courtyard (#9) and on the way back Terry wanted to stop at the Christmas Palace store (#s 5 and 6) which I had never been to before!

Afterward, we went to A1A and Commercial Boulevard where there are a load of souvenir shops that Terry enjoyed going through. Walking around I remembered there was a Kilwin's which is a great ice cream and candy place. I bought Chuck an ice cream cone, Terry didn't one though he did buy some fudge, and, of course, I had an ice cream cone also.

Previous to their arrival I had stopped at the Sweeter Days bakeshop (#15) and ordered the cake for the party and I got a free--well 3--cupcakes (#1--upper right). I, also, had ordered pens as a memento (#1 lower left) to be given at the party as I did in 2016.

Our local newspaper the Sun-Sentinel offers a free (to senior citizens) 'ad' on their birthday and as they did in 2012 and 2016 they accepted my 'celebration' picture and blurb. (An aside: in their February 29th issue they had a story about a Leap Year Baby--in Memphis where Chuck and Terry are from!

I went to sleep early Friday evening because the big day was going to start with me getting up very early!

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