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Life as a Barren Desert

Are you used to the new normal yet? We are trying but it is not fun. I have amused myself by buying Christmas presents on line and getting that out of the way. Ted has imposed a bed time of 8 p.m. and I am tired by that time because by 4 a.m. I have had plenty of sleep. It gives me some time to myself also in a quiet house. Jose gets up with me and lounges around my feet. I miss Linda and my grand children a lot. I am dreading the holidays because they will be so lonely. We are going to celebrate Thanksgiving very early in my Sister's back yard while we can congregate outside. We are not having the traditional menu. I think it is going to be fried chicken, potato salad etc. The dog walking is my means of socializing. Julia is fostering a lovely Blue Heeler and he is such a sweet dog. He shows signs of having been abused. He is afraid of men and one of his hind legs has been broken at one time. Being outside is golden. I am picking up groceries for a neighbor today so that she can have the wine and chocolate she craves. Her daughter is a real bitch and will not allow her to indulge herself. She is skinny as a rail, missing her two front teeth and bent over terribly from arthritis.Her little white poodle is her life.

posted on Sept 27, 2020 2:31 AM ()


With any luck they'll be a rapid test readily available or something better before Thanksgiving. I'm holding out for an effective treatment rather than a vaccine.
comment by jjoohhnn on Sept 27, 2020 10:12 AM ()
For the most part, people here are being careful. For one thing, the stores won't admit people who are maskless. I realize that I am at risk
and so is Ted so we don't get out much. I will not take some rushed up vaccine that trump is going to advocate just before the election.
reply by elderjane on Sept 28, 2020 2:32 AM ()
Re. your ailing friend, if her daughter is generally abusive, you can report the situation to Department of Children and Families, who oversee abuses. Or check in your area for an elder abuse hot line. Yes, the lack of social contact is draining, but Ed and I managed to have dinner out last night as it was our wedding anniversary and my birthday. We took Sol with us -- it went well. xx, T
comment by tealstar on Sept 27, 2020 5:50 AM ()
I wish our favorite restaurant had outdoor seating. Yes, I know I could call adult protective services but Jackie is not being mistreated just controlled as to her food choices. she is skinny as a rail and I got the wine and chocolate and treats that she craved for her. Her parting remark was that she wanted nothing diet!!
reply by elderjane on Sept 28, 2020 2:37 AM ()
You are sweet to get her some groceries! Do you guys have delivery in your area? I’ve been a slave to Instacart in the pandemic days.
Hang in there Jeri.
comment by kristilyn3 on Sept 27, 2020 5:06 AM ()
I order a lot of things from I got Ted a new transport chair and a good sturdy shredder from them with contactless delivery. They have a wonderfully easy to negotiate web site and delivery is free on some things and on anything over 39 dollars. I have been going to the grocery store as soon as it opens and there is a fifty person limit
on the capacity. masks are required.
reply by elderjane on Sept 28, 2020 2:44 AM ()

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