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If it isn’t a gas water heater — with that easy dial — or if it’s some newfangled kind you might need a plumber to help. I like mine turned a bit too high.
Comment on Brain Dead City - Feb 3, 2020 3:52 PM ()
That's rough -- how long does it take to get a bed delivered? Not fun to come home to nothing. The couch/recliners look like my friend Brian's furniture, so I'm guessing this man might also be a big guy.
Comment on Bad Idea - Jan 24, 2020 8:11 PM ()
The combination of heated + weighted blankets sounds like a great idea. When I have bad sore muscles, a heating pad feels better if it's weighted down as well. The pressure helps for some reason.
Comment on Road Blocks and Impediments - Jan 24, 2020 4:48 PM ()
The kids responsible for this creation know way too much about traffic jams. It looks like rush hour into a large city. About peri and post-menopausal stuff, it really threw me a curve too. I didn't know what was going on, because I'd never heard of women saying they had pain. But by writing my symptoms in short careful phrases I was able to search online and find out there was a name for it.
Comment on I Remembered! - Jan 20, 2020 11:33 AM ()
So sorry to hear Ed's in repair mode, that's painful. I hope his rehab goes well and quickly. Sounds like you need the same thing for the car - a visor extender. I keep forgetting to order something. I saw one on amazon that you can see through.
Comment on After the Fall - Jan 13, 2020 11:49 AM ()
Falls can happen so easily that it's scary. Please be renewed-ly careful or else wear a big coat of bubblewrap. About the house full of stuff, my sister had the opposite problem. One aspect of her husband's depression was that he felt compelled to get rid of things, and tossed out brand new clothing she'd just bought him, and all sorts of things. He doesn't remember now.
Comment on Gratitude - Jan 6, 2020 2:02 PM ()
Nothing says winter like ... the color green. Hmm. A poop stand, oh dear.
Comment on Winter is Coming to Ft. Lauderdale! - Dec 16, 2019 5:18 PM ()
Internet shopping is wonderful, I agree. Alexa tells me when something's just been delivered, too. I like that. And it's fun getting packages even when they're presents for someone else.
Comment on Christmas Cards - Dec 16, 2019 5:16 PM ()
I was just trying to remember where I'd heard about a bobcat or snowcat. It was in The Shining, and the Overlook Hotel. I hope you have no insane guests there now.
Comment on Digging Out - Nov 29, 2019 7:59 PM ()
It must be 15-20 inches of snow at the edge of that one roof. In spite of all the work it takes, I miss the snow that used to fall in winter 30 or 40 years ago. My area gets too much rain instead.
Comment on Digging Out - Nov 29, 2019 7:57 PM ()
Everyone wears black these days, so the white outfit sounds nice. I had to order a dress for an event coming up and was trying hard to avoid black, although I've gained pounds and don't feel comfortable in bright or light colors. Anita Bryant was a meanie as I remember.
Comment on Thanksgiving - Nov 29, 2019 7:50 PM ()
That's pretty wild. I think you're right about it being translated one way then back again. Google translate does some weird things when you do that. I think they're not doing it for copyright laws, but Google penalties against duplicate content on a site.
Comment on Fake News in Action - Nov 19, 2019 12:59 PM ()
You are now the official climate administrator, and it's our duty to tell you how cold we are.
Comment on I Don't Want to Know How Cold/warm You Are!! - Nov 18, 2019 5:20 PM ()
There's that cat in the news who keeps opening up all the other cats' cage doors -- I guess they love a challenge. Once I had a dog who would climb out the open kitchen window and walk around on the roof. Very worrying!
Comment on Different Memories - Nov 14, 2019 6:41 PM ()
This is one I think I have to see. While Benedict Cumberbatch seems a mismatch for Edison, I still want to see all these characters. Especially Michael Shannon -- I don't know if you ever saw the horrid Prohibition agent he played in Boardwalk Empire, but it made my skin crawl! He looks far better with longer hair. I'm glad you posted about this one.
Comment on "The Current War"--movie Review - Oct 25, 2019 3:10 PM ()

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