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Lifetime Floridian semi-retired in southwest Utah. I now have more elevation change in my own backyard than in the entire State of Florida. Our home is at 5,840 ft.

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I HAVE NOT BEEN POSTING because mybloggers has just worn me out. I can't post photos for some reason. Lately I've been hiking and tried to post some pix but it doesn't work for me.I'm not dead; I'm ju...
WE WERE IN Cedar City, UT today to shop and had lunch at our favorite place, NINJA, a sushi restaurant. I bit into an eggroll and felt something hard in my mouth. Gingerly pulling it out, my wife says...
ONLY THE MEDIOCRE are always at their best & I'm afraid Tim Tebow was at his best against the N.Y. Giants. I believe the Patriots will cut him this weekend.I like Tim Tebow, notwithstanding two unfort...
MY WIFE & I have been married for 45 years and the longevity of our union, I'm convinced, is due to my realization of the importance of letting her participate in the family decision-making.For instan...
ONE OF THE THINGS I DO that most irritates my wife is when I talk to strangers. Usually I'm trying to be humorous but they often either don't get it or don't find it funny. I know that the general rul...
YOU CAN PLAN all you want but there will always be exigencies requiring solutions on the fly.One morning you decide to take a nice long walk but, only ten minutes out, you realize that you forgot to g...
THE TERM "par for the course" means what is normal or expected in any given circumstance.  I was thinking about this while watching a golf tournament on TV yesterday.  The golfer who won fin...
THE MOST ENTERTAINING section of our small, weekly newspaper is the part containing Letters to the Editor.  Every thing gets published, no matter how ludicrous, argumentative, or ignorant.  ...
This imaginative, hysterical comedy-fantasy is the latest addition to my "favorite film" list. It is a travesty that screenwriter Charlie Kaufman didn't win an Oscar for this script (he was nominated...
MY KIDNEY FUNCTION is UP and my blood pressure is DOWN.  These are good things.  It wasn't too long ago that I didn't even know what a nephrologist was, and now I have one!Our rainfall frequ...
BENIGN NEGLECT of plants has never worked for me, although it seems to be workable for the absent owners of our town's vacant houses.  I walk past these empty residences and notice bushes thrivin...
reticent / secretive / taciturn / laconicOne is reticent who is disposed to be silent, who has an inclination to keep his own counsel, is reserved, not inclined to speak freely.Secretive means extreme...
The long-awaited return of the Messiah has come to pass... in Cocke County, Tennessee.  [Teal recently posted about this too.]Child Support Magistrate Lu Ann Ballew has ordered that little 7 mont...
I KNEW when I married my wife that she was left-handed but I married her anyway, just as she was marrying me despite the fact that I traveled around on a Triumph motorcycle.  We all have our pecc...
THERE ARE TIMES when repetition can be boring but, for me, watching favorite films over & over never gets old.  After awhile, I'm quoting dialogue before it ushers from the mouths of the characters....