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Life & Events > Morning Wake up Call

Morning Wake up Call

Today I awoke in a real panic. DH had forgotten (or so I thought) to reset the alarm for 7am. I heard one of the kids padding down the stairs and had a look at my clock... to my horror it said 7.46!!!I jumped out of bed... hauled open curtains and waken the kids. DS2 wasn't so keen though. Dished up cereal for DD and DS1 and noticed the central heating clock ..... it said 6.50. Thinking it was wrong I adjusted the time to to match the alarm clock. It was at this point my brain kicked in and it donned on me that the alarm clock must be wrong. So I checked my phone and yes indeed it did agree with the central heating timer!! If ever there is the need to put my specks on first thing in the morning then this is a casing point. As a result DS1 and DD loved the fact they could watch the TV for a change on a school morning. DS2 on the other hand was left to snooze until his normal time and came down stairs oblivious to the blind panic I was in an hour earlier. 
This extra hour did mean I had a lesiurely coffee for a change. Every Cloud and all....

posted on Mar 19, 2012 4:02 AM ()


When those things happen to me, I have a good laugh at how it felt to be in a state of confusion, a little vacation from the usual.
comment by troutbend on Mar 19, 2012 3:15 PM ()
Oh How we laughed....It was far better to discover you are actually up near an hour early than confirm you are up a good half hour late!!
reply by jensgems on Mar 20, 2012 1:22 AM ()

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