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Cities & Towns > A Week in Fort Lauderdale in February 2022

A Week in Fort Lauderdale in February 2022

3) It is now official--I have received my first 2024 calendar from the VA and there it is--THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2024, WHEN I WILL BE 22 YEARS OLD--time to get prepared which means looking for a restaurant to hold the dinner!

1) Do I miss the changing of 4 seasons? NO WAY!! Look at the 3 photos numbered #1--3 different days in February 2022: 83 degrees, 84 degrees and 85 degrees--no snow, sleet, ice, freezing temperatures--just warmth, sunshine, wearing shorts, sandals and a short sleeve shirt--no, I do not miss seeing the changing of the seasons--I can always see it on TV!

Eating out--one of the joys of my life is eating out and these are 4 places we ate out--3 were winners!

2) Jalisco Mexican restaurant--has become a regular stop every month--they claim their Fajitas are 'world famous'--all I know is I like their food and I have tried about 5 different dishes from their Shrimp Fajitas to their Mexican combo platter!

4) Heart Rock Sushi & Thai restaurant--average restaurant but when I am in the mood for Pad Thai this is where I go--this is their "Special Pad Thai"--with pork, chicken, beef and shrimp--the noodles are great while the protein isn't

5) Quarterdeck Restaurant--one of my favorite restaurants--they make the best Jambalaya but, once in awhile I will try something else and this time it was their Shrimp Fajitas (hey, I was on a Shrimp Fajita 'kick') and it was good!

6) Jack's Hamburger Restaurant--I love a good cheeseburger--medium rare--cheddar cheese--a slice of onion--I hadn't been here in a few years and as soon as I got the cheeseburger I knew why--just as bad as back then starting with a well-done burger---UGH!

7) It's fun watching my pepper plant--I never know when a pepper will appear and then I don't know if it will be a green or red pepper--this time it was red!

8) Last but not least--for 55 years ever since I joined Weight Watchers I have said I will eat anything but Oyster plant--it was one of the 'free' vegetables--you could eat as much of it as you want--I lost 100+ pounds eating loads of the free vegetables BUT after one taste I have repeatedly said I would NEVER eat oyster plant again and I haven't--I don't remember what it tasted like or if it even had taste but I don't want to!

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