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Life & Events > Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks--maybe!!

Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks--maybe!!

For a guy who spent 3/4s of his life (so far) being impulsive, not planning, doing things on the spur of the moment I don't know when it happened but all of a sudden I had my life, my days planned. I don't care if Thursday is a holiday, it is my day to go to The Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie, sometimes CVS and then lunch afterwards and if anything interferes with my schedule I get teed off! With that in mind I went to The Dollar Tree, Winn Dixie and then #1 to Big Louie's for lunch. Friday? Friday is movie day and lunch after so went to the movies #2 and then lunch at Arby's. Thursday evening sitting at my dining room table and looking out my window I watched the fireworks #12 going off at the Fort Lauderdale beach. Saturday, long story short, I had lost my neck pillow that I especially bought for when I go to the Gateway Theatre and thinking I lost it I ordered a new one #4 through Amazon #3 and it arrived Saturday only to find out Friday when I went to the Gateway Movie I had left my other one there! (Another sign of getting old? NAH!) #5 I have been throwing seeds into a planter and something is growing---tomatoes? peppers? pickles? all 3?--as I just throw seeds in there. And #6 my pepper plant blossoms continue to turn into peppers! # 7 I must confess that I have become a couch potato (well, a recliner potato) and am addicted to netflix trying to catch up on 6 seasons of the "Orange is the New Black" and #8 "Ozark" before both come back with their new seasons later this month. Something I never get tired of--walking along the canal to Karen Bay. You can catch a bird #11 scanning the water for some fish, #10 a dog at Gateway going for his afternoon walk or #9, if you can see it between the yacht and shore patrol boat, a green speed boat getting a ticket for making too large a wake and speeding in a manatee area. Now it is Sunday afternoon and after reading the Sunday paper, bringing it over to John, watched 3 minutes of golf---hey, it is my Sunday schedule!--at his place, came home, writing this and then into my recliner but no netflix tonight, strictly a CBS evening. Ah, life is good with a routine but I admit leaving Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday for some impulsive living is part of my routine!! Have a great week!

posted on July 7, 2019 3:05 PM ()

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