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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews for Week of May 30, 2021

Streaming Reviews for Week of May 30, 2021

1) "The Whole Truth"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 33 minutes--WOW! Don't know where to start--first, this is a must-see movie even if you don't like murder thrillers--I usually don't. I don't believe I never heard of it though it was made in 2016--I don't think any actress has changed in 5 years as much as Renee Zellweger--I did not recognize her until at least half way through the movie! I did recognize Guga Mbatharaw who after I saw her in 2 star making movies ("Belle" and "Beyond The Lights") did not understand why she didn't become a huge star unless her name is the reason--the first half of this movie is another matter of fact criminal murder trial--the second half will spin your head--I had suspected something completely else--DEFINITELY A MUST SEE & YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE IT A SECOND TIME TO SEE IF THE ENDING FITS!!

2) "Kaminsky Method"--Netflix--series--Final season 3 --6 episodes--2 hours & 48 minutes--might be politically incorrect but Kathleen Turner's appearance is shocking even if due to Rheumatoid Arthritis with drug and chemotherapy being the culprits! THIS IS A GOOD SERIES WHICH I HATE SEEING COME TO AN END!

3) "Studio 54"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 37 minutes--this nightclub defined the disco era and contained drugs, sex, celebrities acting badly and everything you may have heard about it--IN A DOUBLE BILL WITH "HALSTON" THIS WILL SHOW YOU WHAT THAT ERA WAS ALL ABOUT

4) "Life in Color with David Attenborough"--Netflix--limited series--3 episodes--2 hours & 23 minutes--I am not a fan of Attenborough as a narrator but the photography in his documentaries, particularly this one is amazing! MOTHER NATURE AT HER GLORIOUS BEST!

5) "Deadman Down"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 58 minutes--a good crime/thriller /revenge /romance Hollywood movie--WHEN ARMAND ASSANTE IS LISTED 20TH IN THE CAST CREDITS YOU KNOW THERE IS A STRONG ACTING CAST!

6) "The Boy From Medellin"--Prime Amazon--movie--1 hour & 35 minutes--J Balvin, a huge Latin star in the world of music fighting anxiety and depression--he has everything fame can bring but his illness can make him want to die--just wish some more of the Spanish songs were given English translations--HE WAS/IS AN "ENTERTAINER"!

7) "Sabotage"--Prime Amazon--movie--1 hour & 49 minutes--COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!

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