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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews for Week of May 23, 2021

Streaming Reviews for Week of May 23, 2021

1) "America Me"--movie--Netflix and Amazon Prime--2 hours & 5 minutes--1992 film with Edward James Olmos--violence, crime, gang warfare and redemption--NOTHING YOU HAVEN'T SEEN BEFORE

2) "Without Remorse"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 50 minutes--Navy seal is out to revenge his pregnant wife's murder--don't look for any sensible explanations for anything--just sit back and ENJOY THE ACTION IF THAT IS WHAT YOU LIKE

3) "Wild Mountain Thyme"--Amazon Prime or HULU--movie--1 hour & 42 minutes--Come on--a love story set in Ireland where everyone and everything is beautiful and poetic--NOTHING NEW BUT A GOOD LOVE STORY/MOVIE

4) "The Sons of Sam"--Netflix--Documentary--4 episodes--4 hours--a good conspiracy story that can't be proved--I LOVE TO HEAR THAT NOO YAWK ACCENT SPOKEN IN THE STREETS!

5) "Who Killed Sara"--Netflix--season 2--8 episodes--5 hours & 40 minutes--NOT AS GOOD AS SEASON 1 BUT DOES ANSWER A LOT OF THE QUESTIONS FROM THAT SEASON

6) "Special"--Netflix--Season 2--8 episodes--3 hours and 50 minutes--easy show to binge in 1 or 2 evenings--story is written by and based on Ryan O'Connell's life--he is a gay guy with Cerebral Palsy and how people, gay and straight, interact with him and his strained relationship with his mother--SHORT, TOUCHING, SWEET AND FUNNY

7) "The Startup"--Netflix--series--3 seasons--25 hours--it wasn't until episode 8 that I lifted my fist in the air and shouted "YEAH!" (I live alone so I can do things like that!) I usually don't last with a show that long but something held my interest and did for 3 seasons--all the Internet talk went over my head but the LEADS WERE NOT PEOPLE YOU USUALLY SEE WORKING TOGETHER IN A SERIES AND THEY WERE ALL INTERESTING

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