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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews September 2022 Part 2

Streaming Reviews September 2022 Part 2

1) "Never Have I Ever"--Netflix--series--Season 3--10 episodes--4 hours & 36 minutes--Synopsis: coming of age comedy/drama revolving around Devi, a young Indian teenager in Sherman Oaks, California, wanting to change her status--teenagers in high school only here we follow 3 girls who want to lose their virginity before they graduate--a realistic look at teenagers, their fears, concerns, doubts--better than most

2) "Sex Club 101"--Starz--Documentary--47 minutes--Synopsis: exploration of sex clubs from etiquette standards to daily life--I was going to sex clubs 70 years ago and they try to represent is as new--BORING!

3) "Barbra: The Music...the Memories..the Magic"--Netflix--Concert--1 hour & 48 minutes--Synopsis: the title says it all--she sings her many hits, talks about Broadway, movies and gives the audience what they came for--recorded in 2016 in Miami--just what any Streisand fan (me for one) wants to see and hear and she delivers though a bit too polished at times--who cares??

4) "Nice Guys"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 56 minutes--Synopsis: a private eye and a tough guy get tangled up in the seamy side of 1970s Los Angeles as they investigate an adult film star's mysterious death--starts off on a good note and then goes downhill the next 100 minutes--it's good to see Russell Crowe but I am still waiting for the star he was to come back.

5) "Barry"--HBOMAX--series--dark comedy--season 1--8 episodes--3 hours & 55 minutes--Synopsis: a depressed, low-rent hit man wants to start a new life as an actor but......though it takes a sharp turn in the 7th episode it was too late for me--it's been a big hit and I am in the minority but have no desire to see seasons 2 & 3.

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