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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews September 2021 Part 1

Streaming Reviews September 2021 Part 1

1) "She's Out of My League"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 44 minutes--started watching it thinking it was "Out of My League" (see below)--boy meets girl, boy loses girl, audience cheers for boy to get girl--he's a 5--she's a 10--will it work? CONVINCING ENOUGH THAT YOU WILL CHEER FOR HIM TO BECOME A 10 FOR HER!

2) "Before/During/After"--Amazon Prime--1 hour & 23 minutes--boy meets girl--boy gets girl--boy and girl get divorced--story is a basic one about a marriage breaking up but the writer tries to approach it from a different angle--many 'bits' played by Broadway names--DOESN'T QUITE SUCCEED BUT TRIES

3) "Clive Davis: Sound Track of Our Lives"--Netflix--documentary--2 hours & 4 minutes--loads of clips and loads of praise for Davis--some by Davis--the man made many a "STAR"--responsible for many hit songs--many clips of Manilow, Warwick, Aretha (who seems to be all over these days) but mainly of 'his' star Houston--A LOVE SONG TO AND BY DAVIS WHO DESERVES IT

4) "Annette"--Amazon Prime--movie--2 hours & 20 minutes--a wife on the rise and her husband on the way down--"A Star Is Born"? not quite--a almost all sung through film to tell an old story with no chemistry between Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard and a puppet for a child--TOO MANY NEGATIVES

5) "Out of My League"--Netflix--Italian movie--1 hour & 31 minutes--she's sick--an 'ugly duckling' in her words--she is sick with a short future ahead of her--he is rich and handsome--she has 2 gay friends but it doesn't help--guess what happens--ALL CONTRIVED AND NO ITALIAN 'HEAT'

6) "Count Me In"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 21 minutes--the best band drummers talk for and to themselves--even had my favorite from years ago Gene Krupa--CERTAINLY A LOT OF NOISE AND THE JAM SESSION AT THE END SHOWS HOW BEAUTIFUL NOISE CAN BE

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