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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews October 2021 Part 5

Streaming Reviews October 2021 Part 5

1) "Athlete A"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 43 minutes--about the case brought against a doctor for physically abusing gymnastic athletes including Olympic contenders--hard to listen/watch some of the then girls, now women, talking about what happened--WHEN THEY FINALLY FACE THEIR ABUSER(S) YOU WILL TEAR UP--A MUST SEE

2) "Found"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 38 minutes--3 children were given away by their birth parents (enforced by the country politicians) due to the one child per parents unless you could afford to pay $8,500 for each child--we follow the 3 girls who are adopted by different American parents--as they grow older they get interested in finding their birth parents though they are obviously loved and brought up with many things they wouldn't have had--THE GIRLS FIND EACH OTHER AND BUILD A DEEP RELATIONSHIP MOVING THE VIEWER TO UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF ADOPTION AND MAKING ONE'S OWN FAMILY

3) "His House"--Netflix--English movie--1 hour & 33 minutes--a refugee couple from South Sudan move to London--voodoo, ghosts, a dead child, people coming out of walls, floors, ceilings and lights going on and off by themselves--A GOOD HALLOWEEN HORROR FILM

4) "Strong Island"--Netflix--documentary--1 hour & 47 minutes--a Black man is shot and the man who shot him goes free--we hear what happened that night and the dead man from his 2 sisters, parents and best friend--A MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE--REJECTING THE KILLER'S PLEA AS SELF DEFENSE--YOU HAVE TO ANSWER THOSE AND OTHER QUESTIONS

5) "Justin Bieber: our World"--Amazon--documentary--1 hour & 34 minutes--preparing for a virtual performance we follow all the work involved--I know of him but was not familiar with him as an entertainer--you hear one song you have heard them all except for a slow tune and the ONLY difference is that there are only 3 performers on stage otherwise all is the same from the crotch grabbing (men and women), even in the slow songs, repetitive lyrics, the stage loaded with dancers, musicians, fireworks, etc. His crew, many with him 11 or more years, love him and he loves them--EVERYTHING IS A LOVE FEST AND EVERYTHING IS A BORE EXCEPT--WELL, NO EXCEPTIONS

6) "Operation Hyacinth"--Netflix--Polish film--1 hour & 52 minutes--based on a true story that happened in the mid 1980s--secret police tracking down homosexuals and entering their name into a data base which would eventually have 11,000 names--our hero, a policeman, similar to Al Pacino's role in "Cruising", may or may not feel he is gay too, while investigating a possible serial killer of Gays--hyacinth is the Polish equivalent to the Americans pansy when referring to Gays--the possibility of the policeman being gay does add a layer, somewhat of suspense, but aside from genre movies of detectives in the 1940s and later films REGARDING IS HE OR ISN'T HE AND THE MCCARTHY WITCH HUNT MY FEELING WAS BEEN THERE, DONE THAT--NOTHING COMPELLING OR MAKING IT A MUST SEE

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