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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews October 2021 Part 2

Streaming Reviews October 2021 Part 2

1) "Diana The Musical" film of Broadway show to open next month--Netflix--1 hour & 57 minutes--after not hearing ONE thing good about this musical I had to watch it--I may be the only one who enjoyed it!--the music, lyrics, the precision choreography, the cast, the magic of changing costumes on stage as show progresses--who cares if they 'pick' a little on Diana, a lot on Charles and even the queen and who really knows who said what to who--it's fiction loosely based on fact--FORGET IT IS ABOUT HER & ENJOY IT--IT IS NOT A CLASSIC BUT ENTERTAINING AND THEATER MAGIC

2) "Ella Fitzgerald: Just One Of Those Things"--Netflix--a documentary--1 hour & 30 minutes--there is only one Ella Fitzgerald--she could work magic with lyrics whether it is jazz, blues, scat, bop--whether it is a ballad like "But Not For Me" or using her voice as an instrument singing "High High The Moon" she owns the songs--I was surprised to hear about Marilyn Monroe---MARILYN MONROE!!--gets credit for her becoming a success in nightclubs--A MUST SEE BY A MUST HEAR SINGER

3) "Dear White People"--Netflix-series--season 4 and end of series--10 episodes--5 hours & 46 minutes--the first 3 seasons really held my interest but the musical sequences that takes up so many of the episodes in season 4 takes away from what is happening and what may happen to them in the future--WATCH THE FIRST 3 SEASONS AND SKIP ALL THE MUSICAL NUMBERS IN SEASON 4

4) "The Guilty"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 31 minutes--Jake Gyllenhaal is a policeman being 'punished' and is assigned to the 911 station--I have always thought Gyllenhaal was/is underrated though his reviews are always get raves whether he is in a film or doing a play or musical on Broadway but he doesn't seem to be a "STAR"--HE IS EXCELLENT IN THIS WHERE HE IS ALMOST ALONE ON SCREEN MOST OF THE TIME

5) "Birds of Paradise"--Prime Amazon---1 hour & 53 minutes--Kate, poor and on a scholarship, and Martine, wealthy and spoiled who has lost her brother and the scholarship is in his name, are competing for the only spot open for a dancer with the National de Paris opera company--they couldn't be any more different (except I kept on getting confused who was who!) and for a world of male dancers who are stereotyped as being gay you would never know it from this film--BOTH THE 1977 FILM "THE TURNING POINT" AND EVEN THE 2010 "BLACK SWAN" WOULD BE WORTH SEEING AGAIN INSTEAD OF SEEING THIS 'DRAMA'

6) "Cocaine Cowboys: The Kings of Miami"--Netflix--documentary--limited series--6 episodes--4 hours & 30 minutes--Augusto Falcon and Sal Magluta are larger than life and made billions of dollars running drugs in the USA--they are smart high school dropouts and almost command the story but Marilyn Bonachea, Sal's girlfriend, steals the documentary--THE GUYS MAKE "SCARFACE" LOOK LIKE AN AMATEUR AND MARILYN HAS TO BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!

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