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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews November 2021 Part 4

Streaming Reviews November 2021 Part 4

1) ""Mayor Pete"--Amazon Prime--documentary--1 hour & 36 minutes--Was Pete Buttigieg too young? Too inexperienced? Too gay? Too quiet? In any case he made history by 1) being the first (at least out) gay to run for president 2) being the youngest to run for president 3) being the first gay married man to run for president--he will be heard from in the future as he gains recognition as the Secretary of Transportation--THIS IS A FIRST STEP FOR THE PUBLIC TO SEE WHO HE IS BEHIND THE SCENES--INTERESTING

2) "My Unorthodox Life"--Netflix--series--season 1--9 episodes--6 hours--not exactly what I was expecting as last year Netflix presented 2 series showing what being an orthodox Jewess involves--a lot seems too staged--I DON'T SEE THIS HAVING A SECOND SEASON AND IF IT DOES I WON'T WATCH IT

3) "Red Notice"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 55 minutes--3 charismatic stars, 2 future stars, an excellent villain--a lot of action but little on screen blood and violence--one very quick laugh out loud joke you have seen a million times but it works--James Bond-like soundtrack--last shot is a set up for a sequel--FAR FROM BEING A 'CLASSIC' BUT FUN, FAST--WOULD DEFINITELY SEE A SEQUEL

4) "Squid Game"--Netflix--Korean series--season 1--9 episodes--8 hours & 5 minutes--interesting premise and characters--adults play kid's games and survivor wins billions of dollars--the rest, over 500, die--sequel already planned--a surprise at the ending--TOO BAD SO VIOLENT AND BLOODY

5) "The Trip"--Netflix--Norwegian movie--1 hour & 53 minutes--the dumbest, worst, non-funny comedy, most violent and bloody movie I can ever remember seeing--ONE OF , IF NOT THE, WORST MOVIE I HAVE EVER SAT THROUGH

6) "Passing"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 38 minutes--I am a huge fan of Ruth Negra and she gives another excellent performance as does Tessa Thompson--we have come a long way from Jean Crain passing in "Pinky" or Susan Kohner in "Imitation of Life" but this film doesn't go far enough--while the ending can be seen as happy in different way the result is a let down--THE FILM BELONGS TO THE TWO LEAD ACTRESSES

posted on Nov 15, 2021 2:51 PM ()

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