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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews May 2022 Part 1

Streaming Reviews May 2022 Part 1

1) "Book of Love"--Prime Amazon--romantic comedy movie--1 hour & 46 minutes--man meets woman--they are complete opposites--man falls in love with woman--woman falls in love with man--man loses woman--man and woman live happily ever after together--come on--that is NOT a spoiler--the movie is filled with every cliche you can think of and yet we love it every time wherever it takes place--here it is in Mexico--Veronica Echegi reminds me of a younger Penelope Cruz (though the latter isn't old by any means--a mini romantic getaway

2) "The Weekend Away"--Netflix--a whodunit thriller--1 hour & 31 minutes--it is an old-fashioned 'who did it?' and it really doesn't matter because it is fun--a lot of twists without a lot making sense but makes you hang in there--trashy but watchable with Ziad Bakri playing a smaller role as a friendly taxi driver--of the 5 possible suspects I guessed the 4 wrong ones!

3) "Sense8"--Netflix--a Sci-fi series--season 1--12 episodes--10 hours & 46 minutes--in chapter 4 one person says to another, "You are now 7 people but if you don't save Nomi you will only be 6!"--I saw him change into different people talking to each other (talking to himself?) except he is talking to her(? Or is it him?) in English and she is talking in Korean--I said that's enough and in the middle of the 5th episode I completely gave up--Sci-fi is not for me

4) "A Very British Scandal"--Prime Amazon--season 2--3 episodes--3 hours--AND
5) "Anatomy of a Scandal"--Netflix--limited series--6 episodes--4 hours & 28 minutes
In 2018 Hugh Grant played a Liberal Party leader who murdered his gay ex lover in 1979 in a 3 part series called "A Very English Scandal" based on a true story. "A Very British Scandal" is also a true story which is based on the theory that because a woman gives a man oral sex she is a slut, a wanton woman. In this case she is a Duchess and the Duke takes her into public divorce proceedings giving her an out by staying with him which she refuses. "Anatomy of a Scandal" is the only one that is fiction but seems as real as the true stories with a British politician being accused of rape by a woman who works for him and they had an affair. We watch him on trial being faced by the woman while his wife seats in the gallery thinking of their past and their life of privilege. Oh yes, there is a twist to this whole story that is definitely British! (And sort of mild for David E. Kelley.)

You either like movies/series about British parliamentary members, their sexual peccadilloes, all having underlying themes and if you do you will like both of these "Scandals" and don't forget to watch "a Very English Scandal" that started this series!

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