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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews of March 27, 2022

Streaming Reviews of March 27, 2022

1) "The Puppet Master"--Netflix--Documentary--limited series--3 episodes--2 hours & 7 minutes--for what should have been an exciting British true true thriller--a con artist manipulates people over 2 decades to the present--I found the first 2 episodes boring--you can watch the 3rd episode and know the whole story and shake your head in wonder not only how it happened but how it ends--badly!

2) "Capitani"--Netflix--series--season 1--12 episodes--5 hours & 34 minutes--filmed and created in Luxembourg, in French with subtitles available--a police inspector, in a strange town, investigates a possible murder with 2 local police officers---one, an inept male and another a smart, competent female--there are teenage twins involved making for a good tale but the screenplay has too many questions about them--confusing last 5 minutes that makes no difference who did it--I won't be back for the second season!

3) "Beautiful Boy"--Amazon Prime--movie--2 hours--as much as you may love a child and don't want to turn your back on them sometimes you have no choice--this is a story about a father (Steve Carell) who does whatever he can to help his drug addicted son (Timothee Chalamet)--both actors are dynamite in their roles--it is a true story written by David Sheff and his son Nic , both giving their own versions of what took place--a hard movie to watch but one that should be seen (in spite of one of the worst soundtracks I have ever heard in a film!)

4) "I Want You Back"--Amazon Prime--movie--1 hour & 51 minutes--Peter and Emma have broken up with their lovers-- how they meet and plan to either get their lovers back or get revenge is what the screenplay is about--if after the first 10 minutes you don't know who will end up together you haven't seen too many Hollywood romantic comedies--this is a good example of a Hollywood romantic comedy with a good cast, smart writing, good locations and quick moving--a fun movie

5) "The Highwaymen"--Netflix--movie--2 hours & 12 minutes--the movie is another take on the Bonnie and Clyde story but from a different point of view--the director, John Lee Hancock, does a first rate job and the screenwriter, John Fusco, goes straight where it has to--what makes a run of the mill film good? A cast like Kevin Costner (who I don't particularly care for as an actor) and especially Woody Harrelson with an excellent cast supporting them

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