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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews July 2022 Part 7

Streaming Reviews July 2022 Part 7

1) "Anything's Possible"--Prime--movie--1 hour & 36 minutes--Synopsis: Coming of age story that follows Kelsa, a confident high school girl who is trans as she navigates through her senior year--I bashed Billy Porter in my last post for his now getting boring shtick in "Cinderella" but as a director of this film he certainly redeems himself--I don't know who Ximena Garcia Lecuona is but she writes a great, important screenplay here--for many people, like me, or who don't really know or maybe don't even understand what being trans means this is a moving lesson in trans 101--a must see for people who want to learn about a subject they don't know much about and are open to education!

2) "Martha Mitchell Effect"--Netflix--documentary--40 minutes--Synopsis: this documentary profiles the cabinet wife who spoke out during Watergate--I don't recall much about Martha Mitchell except she was a 'loud, blonde Southern Belle' who wouldn't stop talking which is/was a good thing because she exposed Richard Nixon (and her husband) for the thieves and liars they were--this is a primer for those who never knew about Martha Mitchell or those who have forgotten about her as soon there will be a major movie starring Julia Roberts as her--we need more women like Martha Mitchell in government!

3) "My Fake Boyfriend"--Prime--movie--1 hour & 30 minutes--Synopsis: a young man uses social media to create a fake boyfriend to keep his awful ex lover out of his life and it all backfires--whether it is a same gender or opposite gender or whatever mix--a good story has you involved and hoping for the "Hollywood" ending! This is about 2 men plus an opposite gender couple so you have 4 people to root for--a lot of eye candy--male kind--and a bad picture of today's young adults.

4) "Master"--Prime--a horror film--1 hour & 31 minutes-the story of 3 women facing race problems and, on another level, a story with witches, ghosts, nooses, etc., not quite meshing together--I felt very let down, very disappointed with the many twists being a 'so what?'

5) "Don't Make Me Go"--Prime--movie--1 hour & 49 minutes--Synopsis: a single father learns that he has a fatal brain tumor and decides to take his daughter on a road trip to find the mother who abandoned her--the opening line of the movie starts with the daughter saying, "You won't like the way this ends"--the father has a major decision to make and his daughter has to learn why certain choices are/were made--I loved it but then I am a sucker for love--all and any kind!

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