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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews February 2022 Part 3

Streaming Reviews February 2022 Part 3

(Just taking a break from Thanksgiving weekend eating!!)

1) "The Crown"--Netflix--Series--Season 5--10 episodes--9 hours & 20 minutes--Synopsis: the season focuses on the 1990s, looking more into Charles & Diana--so many unhappy people in the royal family--was it, is it worth giving up happiness? Margaret, Peter Townsend and Andrew in the 8th episode excellent--wonder if the scene between the Queen and Diana really took place--you either love this show or don't--I do!

2) "The Green Glove Gang"--Netflix--Polish series--Season 1--8 episodes--4 hours & 18 minutes--Synopsis: when their latest heist goes wrong the 3 older female burglars escape the officials by hiding out in a nursery home where they uncover a sinister secret--generally it is old(er) men who are the thieves but here it is the old(er) women--it is not funnier or worse or better or more or less because of the change of sex.

3) "The Chalk Line"--Netflix--Spanish film--1 hour & 47 minutes--Synopsis: after a couple finds a traumatized child of unknown origin the wife must decipher the girl's strange behavior to unlock the dark past and her identity--it is a horror and part of the horror is that there is no explanation of the how and why--and that I watched it!

4) "The School For Good And Evil"--Netflix--film--2 hours & 28 minutes--Synopsis: best friends Sophie & Agatha find their bond tested when they are whisked away to a school for fairy tale heroes and villains--the movie is for people who believe in princes and princesses, unbelievable ongoing special effects, fairy tales, laughing at things that weren't supposed to be funny, who imagine Disney on steroids--if you believe in flying swords and good always wins over evil then this is for you--you won't believe it (and I will deny I ever said it) but I loved it!!! And wait until you read the credits!

5) "The Takeover"--Netflix--Dutch film--1 hour & 28 minutes--Synopsis: framed for murder an ethical hacker must evade the police while tracking down the criminals blackmailing her--seeing Rotterdam plus the chase was interesting but all the tech stuff was way beyond my understanding.

6) "We Have Always Lived In The Castle"--Amazon Prime--film--1 hour & 35 minutes--Synopsis: 2 sisters live with their uncle--they are survivors of arsenic poisoning that killed everyone 5 years previously--the big question here is who is the craziest? The father? The uncle? The cousin? One of the sisters? Or the guy in red sports car? This is a good picture for Halloween even if Halloween is over!! Strange and odd!

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