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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews December 2021 Part 4

Streaming Reviews December 2021 Part 4

1) "Harlem"--Prime Amazon--series--season 1--10 episodes--5 hours--it seems 4 is the magic number now for situation comedies--in Harlem we have 4 women with all their woes--after the first 2 episodes you know who will say and do what--after these 10 episodes they will be showing a new episode every Friday--MOST EPISODES ARE INTERESTING AND FUNNY EXCEPT FOR THE CONSTANT 'I'M A HO' LINE

2) "Closer"--Netfix--movie--1 hour & 44 minutes--a 2004 movie starring Julia Roberts, Jude Law, Clive Owen, Natalie Portman in a play adapted to film--cast is strong--sharp direction and dialogue--a lot of loving that could be called sex/love affairs/relationships/marriage with changing partners happening quite often--TIME PERIODS ALL OVER THE PLACE CAUSING CONFUSION BUT EVERYTHING EVENTUALLY ALL FALLS IN PLACE--CAST A JOY TO WATCH

3) "Surviving Christmas"--Netflix--British Christmas film--1 hour & 44 minutes--the family gets together for the holidays--NO SURPRISES BUT BRITISH WIT AND FIRST RATE ACTORS

4) "High on the Hog"--Netflix--documentary--season 1--4 episodes--3 hours & 28 minutes--how many foods from Africa became part of the American every day menu--many surprises--INTERESTING AND LOOKING FORWARD TO SEASON 2

5) "Gypsy"--Tubi (free streaming)--filmed live performance at London's Savoy--the role of Momma Rose is often seen as an actresses equivalent of an actor's Hamlet--I have seen Angela Lansbury, Tyne Daley, Bette Midler, Patti Lupone and Ethel Merman (who originated the role) all play Rose with each bringing something different but Imelda Staunton is the strongest actress with the powerful voice used when needed--WITH A STRONG LEAD, A STRONG SUPPORTING CAST, MEMORABLE SONGS THIS IS A SHOULD SEE

6) "Voir"--Netflix--season 1--6 episodes--2 hours & 2 minutes--6 visual essays of movies and movie going--opens with the violence of "Jaws" and closing with the violence of "48 Hours" and looks at Eddie Murphy becoming a star--movies also include "Lawrence of Arabia", clips of James Cagney movies and scenes from movies over the past 100 years--THOUGH NOT SPECIFICALLY ABOUT VIOLENCE IN MOVIES IT SHOWS A LOT OF MEMORABLE VIOLENT SCENES

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