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Gay, Poor Old Man

Entertainment > Streaming Reviews August 2022 Part 1

Streaming Reviews August 2022 Part 1

1) "Uncoupled"--Netflix--series--8 episodes--3 hours & 52 minutes--Synopsis: Michael's life seemed perfect until his husband blindsided him after 17 years of marriage. He has to confront the nightmares of losing his soulmate and suddenly finding himself as a single man in his mid-40s--written by Jeffrey Richman & Darren Star responsible for "Sex and the City"--a look at how life really is for an older man (40s is old!?!?)--a lot of cliches but then what makes a cliche? Truth!--funny, fast moving, touching and you will never look at Neil Patrick Harris in the same way again--can't wait for season 2!

2) "Tab Hunter Confidential"--Prime--documentary--1 hour & 30 minutes--Synopsis: film focuses on the American actor, singer & author inspired by his autobiography and how he hid in the 'closet' until he couldn't/wouldn't hide anymore--one of the best looking actors in the 1950s and how he hid being gay including the many female stars who helped him knowingly and unknowingly--you have to admire him and how he handled himself during and after his movie career.

3) "Elton John: Uncensored"--Prime--documentary--58 minutes--Synopsis: interviewed by Graham Norton, Elton John talks about his career and reflects on his addictions and how fatherhood changed his life--I've never been a fan/follower of Elton John and it wasn't until I watched this that I became aware of all the hits he had and all he accomplished--I was particularly impressed with his battle with drugs and alcohol and winning though the interviewer annoyed me!

4) "Is It Just Me?"--Prime--movie--1 hour & 33 minutes--Synopsis: a romantic match online gets mixed up when one of the guy's sleazy roommate's picture is sent instead of his--routine gay love story with a slight twist--the best friend of the gay man is a straight woman and an old gay man is still mourning the one that got away and both bring a lot of fun to the old familiar lines--makes "Uncoupled", as good as it is, look and sound so much better--a lot funnier and deeper than this.

5) "Flesh and Bone"--Prime--1993 film--2 hours & 6 minutes--Synopsis: decades later a son of a killer falls in love with a girl whose family's horrifying murder he saw in childhood--nothing new or surprising about the story--it is 'fun' to see Gwyneth Paltrow before she found her 'goop', Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid 30 years ago but the film is depressing.

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